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Cloud-Based Practice Management System EMR/EHR - Feature Match Service

EHR EMR Feature Match Service

Save yourself hours of research, demos, and eye-strain!  What is your time worth? We estimate that the average practice spends at least 12 hours researching EHR solutions before making a decision.  What if we could save you 10 of those hours?  What would that be worth to you?

I can't overstate how helpful my Tame Your Practice practice management system consultation was to the efficiency and financial bottom line of my business. The fee I paid for this unique and valuable service paled in comparison to the money and time I saved by not attempting this Herculean task alone. And Rob's quick and thorough assessment of the seemingly countless number of cloud-based practice management systems available to me resulted in a recommendation fine-tuned to the particular components and needs of my practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Reinhardt's expertise and accessibility to anyone interested in streamlining their practice by taking more control over their file and billing management activities.

Anne Barker, LCSW, LIMHP Barker Therapy Arts

Your purchase of a Feature Match Report includes a 15-minute follow-up phone consultation!


We can help you evaluate, choose and implement a cloud-based EHR/EMR/practice management system. This is an integral step in achieving a paperless office, saving you time and money.

A lot of factors go into making a decision about a practice management system.  Usability, cost, and features are just some of the most important areas to evaluate.  Not every solution is a good match for every office. Even the solution your colleagues rave about might not be the best fit for your practice.  We analyze your priorities and practice information, and match your goals with the practice management system that will best help you meet them. We are the only experts with in-depth knowledge of all of the systems marketed to solo and group therapy private practices. (***See below for a statement about priorities)

For only $165, we will provide you with a written report noting which system we believe best matches your prioritization of features.  Completing our form typically takes 15-20 minutes of your time and results in a recommendation based on your needs, delivered within four business days.  Imagine how many hours it might take you to compare and test the features of all (or even just a few of) the options!  We'll take care of that for you.  

How the Feature Match works:

  1. Add the Feature Match to your Cart (see button below) and check out.
  2. Once you've submitted payment through PayPal (**not a fan of PayPal? See below), you'll be taken to our Feature Match form where you will tell us which features are most important to you and add any notes about your practice and goals that you feel are important. (Be sure to read our series on EHR / EMR / Cloud-Based Practice Management Systems so you'll know what features are important to you!)
  3. We will analyze the information you provided and, within four business days, email you a detailed written report, explaining which system we feel is the best fit for your practice.
  4. Schedule a follow-up consultation with us to answer any questions you have about the report and the recommended system.
  5. Breathe a sigh of relief having saved a lot of time and headaches!

**Not a fan of PayPal? No worries. Send us a message requesting an electronic invoice and we'll send you one through Square.

Note: Interested in getting an EHR / Practice Management System recommendation AND a user-friendly workbook for completing your HIPAA Security Compliance?  Check out this money-saving package! and use discount code TYPCT

Not sure whether this report will be of value to you?  Read this to help you determine!

Prefer a phone consultation? We can similarly address your needs through a one hour phone consultation instead.

NOTEThe Feature Match Report service is ideal for clinicians in solo or small group private practice.  For those in agencies, large groups or who employ a variety of clinicians (including Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, etc.) please contact us to determine whether this service is a good fit for you.

*** A Statement About Priorities - At Tame Your Practice, YOU are our client. While many other software recommendation sites get paid for clicks and recommendations or have financial ties to the EHR vendors they recommend, we do not. We receive no compensation for recommending any particular EHR/EMR/Practice Management System. This allows us to focus solely on your practice's needs, basing our recommendation on the best fit for you.

Price: $165.00