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Web Sites For Therapists - Where To Go?

Web Sites For Therapists - Where To Go?

I regularly visit many online forums for therapists and one of the questions I hear asked most frequently is, “What's the best way to create my web site?” Sometimes the therapist is looking for the most inexpensive solution, others want to ensure quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and others want to have some help with creating a site without taking out a second mortgage. The truth is, you need a nice blend of all of the above in order to have an effective web site that doesn't break the bank.

With that in mind, here I lay out the three basic options you have in choosing a web site platform or service. One thing I strongly encourage therapists to bear in mind when making this decision is the concept of return on investment. Likewise, it's important to note that time is not just money... time is greater than money. So, while some options may be free with regard to finances, that doesn't account for the substantial amount of time you'll invest in learning to use them and creating your own site. Time that could potentially be spent on other activities that bring in revenue. That said, I do understand and have engaged in bootstrapping myself. I get that, sometimes especially when people are just starting out, they don't have an extensive budget. And so, I present options for all budgets and approaches.

Already have a web site and want to incorporate a secure contact form as part of your HIPAA compliance plan?  We can do this for you!

The DIY (Do It Yourself) Options

I originally called these the “free options”. But, many DIY options aren't free, and many services that start out free don't stay that way. What the DIY services share in common is that you are almost entirely on your own in creating your site.

SquareSpace and Wix are two of the most popular that I've heard good things about. They have friendly user-interfaces and make the process of creating a nice looking site relatively easy. While free or inexpensive, there's still a substantial “time cost” considering the learning curve. With these services, you won't be getting much guidance on things like how to choose a good domain name for a therapy practice, and definitely no help with things like HIPAA compliance and knowledge about what kind of content makes for good SEO and a successful therapist web site. So, not only will you have to learn their platform, but also search elsewhere for information on how to write good copy, choose a domain name, maintain compliance and so forth. By the time you add up all the time you spend on a DIY site and calculate how much money you could have made seeing clients during that time, it's possible you could have paid someone else to do most of this for you after all.

Still, for those who are financially strapped while opening their business, or only doing this part-time, this may be a viable option to get started. We strongly recommend moving on to one of the other choices as soon as its viable, however.

Want to step up your game?  Want to do it yourself, AND have all the benefits of using WordPress?  There are now two webhosting companies that I use personally and am happy with.  SiteGround is the newest one that I've been using and their customer service has been excellent. I'm now hosting two WordPress sites there and am quite happy.  Bluehost is a user-friendly web host that will also allow you to install WordPress and get started on your own. There will be more of a learning curve with some of the other options, but you'll have a wider range of templates to choose from, and the power of WordPress. (Note that Tame Your Practice is hosted at BlueHost and is an affiliate).

Pros – Low Cost

Cons – Learning Curve, Time Investment, Lack of Guidance Specific to Therapists, Limited Templates, Time Might Be Better Spent


The Professional Developer Option

This is the option I hear the most misinformation about. Often the vendors of the other options, as a marketing tactic, talk about how it's going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to hire a professional developer. That's simply not the case. While you certainly can find someone that will charge you that much, that tends to be for fully customized, graphic intensive sites.

WordPress is where you want to go here. WordPress is one of the world's most popular Content Management Systems. Which is a fancy way of saying that it has a user-friendly interface for editing and creating content. So, once a developer sets up a WordPress site, you can be in control of the content from there on. There are thousands of templates available for WordPress. Using one of these templates greatly reduces the cost of creating a site and usually ensures your site won't look like anyone elses in your area. The cost of this development can vary widely based on factors like:

  • Whether you or the developer is writing the copy

  • The source and quantity of graphics

  • Incorporation of video, e commerce, or other custom features.

There are a number of quality developers out there that can complete a site like this for you for under $2000. (In fact, here at Tame Your Practice, most of the web sites we complete cost between $700 and $1800). While that still might seem like a lot of money to many therapists, the savings come in over time. Once your site is complete, your monthly costs can be as low as $10 per month for ongoing hosting.

If you're willing to make an up front investment in order to have a custom web site that pays dividends over time, this is the option for you!

Pros - Most Options for Customization, Personal Attention and Guidance, As Much (or as little) Help As You Need

Cons – Up Front Cost


The Managed Provider Option

In between the DIY and the Professional Developer options lies the Managed Provider option. With this option, you pay a monthly subscription fee, choose from a set of templates, and get some level of support for the writing of copy, customization, SEO, etc. Typically with no, or only a small up front fee, and all of the technical maintenance taken care of by the vendor, this is often an attractive option for therapists.

Up until recently, I didn't feel there was a solid option for this kind of service. The most prominent vendor offering this service was (and still is, in my opinion) offering stale templates, re-used copy, and little support. 


But along has come BrighterVision. Aptly named, Brighter Vision has rejuvenated this model of web site hosting for therapists by using a variety of WordPress templates and offering personal customer service, including unlimited technical support! They will walk you through customizing your template with custom colors, fonts and even allow you to select up to 10 images from their partner stock image vendor. Now you can have this managed option without using the same template, copy, and images as hundreds of other therapists.

In fact, I've been so impressed with the BrighterVision team that Tame Your Practice has partnered with them, allowing you to receive a free month if you follow this link. (Yes, this is an affiliate link. I don't take partnerships lightly, and only endorse products I believe in). While we would love the opportunity to build a site for you, if you prefer the monthly subscription model, we think you'll love BrighterVision.

Pros – Unlimited Technical Support, Manageable Monthly Fee, Therapist-Centric Support For Things Like SEO

Cons – Long-term cost


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Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed., NCC

Rob is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice and
owner of Tame Your Practice, which provides comprehensive
consulting to mental health and wellness professionals.

©2016 Rob Reinhardt, LPC, PA

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patch77s's picture
Submitted by patch77s on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 14:45

Rob - Thanks for posting this comparison of the available options! I'm currently a "do-it-yourself"er but have been debating switching to WordPress so that our therapists can more easily make changes. However - counselors that don't have a tech background should definitely look into the BrighterVision option - seems like an easy way to get up and running quickly!

Steve Johnson
Envision Counseling Clinic

Loren M. Gelberg-Goff's picture
Submitted by Loren M. Gelber... on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 20:47

Thank you for the lay out of comparisons... I've been on word press for a few years and I do like the convenience of being able to make changes as needed, but I have resisted reformatting the entire site (I know it needs a face lift) I'll now look into what it would really entail to make this happen... thank you!


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