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STEPNotes was developed by Dr. Rhonda Sutton when she realized that most counselor education programs didn't adequately address the completion of good progress notes. With a focus on quality notes, STEPNotes features notes for counselors, school counselors, career counselors, coaches, and more. Featuring a format similar to SOAP style notes, each PDF note is customized to meet the requirements of the different environments/professions.   

The STEP in step notes corresponds to

This is the twelfth article in my series on Cloud Based Practice Management Systems.  While this series is focused on Cloud-Based solutions, most of this information applies to traditional software solutions as well.


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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please share your general comments here while addressing your comments about specific applications on that application's review page.

In my private practice consulting work, I'm often asked by mental health professionals which type of computer they should get. It wasn't that long ago that the choices were simple. It was either a desktop or a laptop and, unless you were doing a lot of travelling, desktops had major advantages.  Now, however, computer power has increased and can be packed in a tiny device, Internet connectivity can be found almost anywhere, and cloud software and storage mean you can access important data on the go. Add to this the greatly increased number of manufacturers and form factors to consider and the decision has become fairly complex.

When making a final decision, nothing beats an affordable one on one consultation that takes the unique needs of your business into account. That said, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help make the decision:

This is the first article in my continuing series on Cloud-Based Practice Management Systems

In my coming blog entries, I will be discussing and evaluating cloud-based practice management systems.  These are online software solutions that allow you to manage various facets of your practice electronically, typically through a web page. You're probably already aware that a Practice Management Solution may handle scheduling, notes, billing, client communications, or all of the above.  But how does this all work in the Cloud?

What is the Cloud
Cloud computing is the delivery of software or storage over the Internet to a group of end users.  Facebook, Dropbox and QuickBooks Online are well-known cloud solutions.  These solutions exist on a server and are accessible via any device that can connect to the Internet.  A more specific term for Practice Management Solutions that are delivered via the cloud is Software as a Solution (SaaS).

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