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Cloud Practice Management System EHR/EMR - Reviews

Cloud Practice Management System EHR/EMR - Reviews

This is the twelfth article in my series on Cloud Based Practice Management Systems.  While this series is focused on Cloud-Based solutions, most of this information applies to traditional software solutions as well.


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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please share your general comments here while addressing your comments about specific applications on that application's review page.

Following are brief reviews of Cloud-Based Practice Management Solutions (EHR / EMR Reviews) that I'm aware of that fit certain criteria. It's important to note that I focused on solutions that were both suitable for a mental health private practice as well as affordable (i.e. generally under $100/month/clinician). There are additional options at higher price points, however, I've found that they typically don't offer anything that justifies the additional expense. Many of them carry the extra cost because they were originally developed for large medical practices and have a significant set of features that would not apply in a mental health setting. Others have simply priced themselves out of the market.  Many of those that cost extra are also targetted at practices wanting to take advantage of meaningful use incentives.  Most mental health practices do not qualify for those incentives.

It was my goal to be as objective in these reviews as possible. Having worked in and consulted with providers in a variety of settings, I attempted to evaluate the solutions in light of the wide array of environments where they might be implemented. Still, it's impossible to have removed all bias and it's important to note that each practice's needs are unique. I recommend you use these reviews as a guide to help you narrow the field for evaluation. If you find yourself overwhelmed or needing help in making the decision, we can help.

Even when you have narrowed the field, there are so many factors to consider, it can be very difficult to make a final choice. Very rarely will readers find that one of the solutions meets every single one of their needs. In most cases, you will need to prioritize the features most important to you and choose the one that fits most of them, perhaps with a leaning toward those most likely to add the missing features. Some of these solutions are farther along in the development cycle and thus less apt to add/modify features. Others are regularly adding new features and very open to suggestions for improvement.

The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “poor” and 5 being “excellent”. Where there is a “U” it stands for “Unknown”, likely because I didn't have enough experience/data with that piece to properly rate it.  Brief reviews are found on this page along with a link to a more in-depth review in a separate blog article.  Solutions within a particular category are listed in no particular order.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This listing and the reviews are subject to change. The landscape is continually changing as vendors add new features to their products. I encourage you to subscribe our newsletter to be informed of updates in the reviews and listings. You can also subscribe to comments in this thread.
Updates:  I attempt to regularly re-visit each application and update my review when major features/upgrades have happened. If a review is not updated for an extended period of time, it is likely due to the product not adding significant features/functionality.
None of the reviews below should be considered an endorsement of any particular product. If you prefer to have a solid recommendation for a solution based on your practice's unique needs, click the image below.



IMPORTANT NOTE: I am working on a solution to present the reviews in random order.  In the meantime, the order below should not be construed as anything other than random.


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Therapy Appointment

Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 2   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 3.5 
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: $57.50/mo (Discounts for groups and part-time clinicians)


Pros: Full Featured, Solid Support, Well Established, Flexible Pricing, Solid BAA & TOS, Full Electronic Claim Integration.
Cons: Antiquated User Interface, Slow Development Cycle

Standout Features: Client Portal including reminders and scheduling, ERA integration, Customizable note templates

Read and comment on the Full Review of Therapy Appointment




Ratings:  Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 4.5   Work Flow - 4   Learning Curve - 4.5   
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price: $49.95/mo ($64.95/mo with secure video/chat)

Pros: Price, Feature Rich, Responsive to Feedback, Encrypted Video/Chat Option (extra cost), No Additional Claims Charges**
Cons: Only recently added group functionality (to be reviewed)

Standout Features: Secure Video/Chat, Client Portal, Customizable Forms

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are solo clinicians who desire options for customization, a feature-rich client portal and possibly also desire integrated video.

Read and comment on the Full Review of CounSol




Ratings:   Features - 4.5  GUI/UX - 4.5   Work Flow - 4   Learning Curve - 4.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price: $39/month or $49/month if you want e-filing; per claim charges apply (price breaks if you pay for 12 months in advance)


Pros: Clean Intuitive Interface, Easy to Learn, Fast Development Cycle
Cons: Lack of full integration of treatment plans and progress notes

Standout Features: User-Friendly Interface, Tight Integration of Features, and mobile app

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Practices that want an easy to use application with a growing feature set, and don't have a need for fully integrated treatment plans and progress notes.







Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 4.5   Work Flow – 4.5   Learning Curve - 4.5 
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   $59/mo ($30 for additional clinicians) (Some additional fees for claims filing, and appointment reminders via SMS or Phone)


Pros: Attractive User-Friendly Interface, Solid Support, Great Work Flow
Cons: Limited Client Portal

It's a Good Choice For Practices That:  Place great importance on a well-designed, friendly interface, solid support and don't mind waiting for a more fully developed client portal

Standout Features: Work Flow, Feature Integration, & Support


Read and comment on the Full Review of Therapy Notes


We'll help you choose your EHR, EMR, Practice Management System.




Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX - 4   Work Flow - 4   Learning Curve - 4.5   
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price: $29/month  (for 30 active clients.  $39 for 40  $49 for 50; etc.) *Client Portal costs extra


Pros: Simple Interface, Good Pricing for Small Part-Time Group Practices, Integrated Wiley Treatment Planners
Cons: Some Inefficiencies

Standout Features: User-Friendly Interface, Custom Forms

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Like the per active client pricing structure and have no need for extensive integration of progress notes.


Read and Comment On The Full Review of TheraNest






Ratings:   Features - 3.5   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 4 
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y    Notes - Y     E-Filing - Y    Billing - Y      Client Portal - N
Price: $20 for up to 20 signed notes per month. Pricing per completed note beyond that


Pros: User-friendly interface, Solid Feature Set for  Newer Application
Cons: No Client Portal, No Appointment Reminders

Standout Features: Easy to use interface, Clinician commission tracking

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Want an easy to use interface and like the "per note" pricing

Read and comment on the Full Review of BreezyNotes




Ratings:   Features - 3.5  GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 4 
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y    Billing - Y    Client Portal - Y
Price: $40-$45 per month (discounts for groups; $10 for e-filing and $5 for 100GB of additional storage.


Pros: User-friendly, ERA integration, Supports Co-op Practices, Secure Video Integration
Cons: Newer product, No Automated Appointment Reminders, Limited Client Portal

Standout Features: ERA integration, Support of Co-Op Practices

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are Co-op practices and/or place signficant priority on ERA integration and secure messaging built into their EHR.

Read and comment on the Full Review of PSYBooks





Ratings:   Features - 2.5  GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 4.5
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - N    Billing - Y    Client Portal - Y
Price: $42/month for 1-2 clinicians; $169 for 3-5; $249 for up to 8, etc.



Pros: User-friendly, Easy to Learn.Third Party Ingegrations
Cons: Newer product, No Electronic Insurance Filing

Standout Features: User Interface, Dashboard

It's May Be a Good Choice For Practices That Are: Private Pay practices with basic needs or willing to wait on features.

Read and comment on the Full Review of TherapyZen





Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 3   Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 2.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: Varies depending on number of clinicians and feature set


Pros: Full Featured, Solid Support, Well Established, Flexible Pricing, Full Electronic Claim Integration, HR Functionality, Meaningful Use Certified
Cons: Steep Learning Curve, Challenging to Use Via Mobile Devices

Standout Features: HR Functionality and Customizability

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are larger group practices, particularly if they have a prescribing clinician in the group or want the extensive feature set and level of customization available.

Read and comment on the Full Review of PIMSY



ImageEHR Your Way

Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 3.5 
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: $65/user, $40 part-timers, $30 Staff (Plus set up fees)

Pros: Full Featured, Complete Integration and Customization of Your Current Documentation

Cons: In Transition from Remote Application to Browser-Based

Standout Features: Completely Customizable Documentation and Reporting, Full-Featured

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are larger groups/agencies that have signficant needs for customized documentation and reporting.

Read and comment on the Full Review of EHR Your Way






Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 3   Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 3   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: $55 - $95/mo (Plus set up fees of $250-$500 per user)

Pros: Full Featured, Extensive Customization and Reporting Options, Integrated ERAs, Client Portal.
Cons: Not Tablet Friendly

Standout Features: Client Portal, Customization Options

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Have at least 10 users and need their EHR to have an extensive feature set and/or Meaningful Use certification.

Read and comment on the Full Review of ClinicTracker




Ratings: Features – 4.5 GUI/UX - 3.5 Work Flow – 3.5  Learning Curve - 3  Support – U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: $149/mo   Client Portal involves additional costs 


Pros: Solid Tech Support, Easy Data Export, Several Opportunities for Customization
Cons: Learning Curve, Awkward Workflow, Calendar/Scheduling, Questions Surrounding Future

Standout Features: Custom Databases, Customizable Notes, Easy/Accessible Backup

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Unknown!  Be sure to read the full review of TheraBill.  It was acquired by WebPT in 2015, resulting in significantly increased costs.


Read and comment on the Full Review of Therabill





Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   Varies based on number of users and feature set ($25/user and up) or a percentage of revenue if using the BillCare service


Pros: Full-Featured, Option for Integrated Billing Service, Cusomtizable Dashboard
Cons: Interface Could Use Some Improvement

It's a Good Choice For Practices That:  Need a solid feature set, an MU Certified EHR, an integrated billing service, or all three.

Standout Features: Customizable Dashboard (and customization in general), Robust Waiting List



MHP OfficeMHP Office

Ratings:   Features - 3   GUI/UX – 4.5   Work Flow – 4.5   Learning Curve - 4 
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y*   Billing - Y   Client Portal - N
Price:   $25/mo (discounts for interns and students)

Pros:   Unique Workflow Interface, Friendly GUI/UX
Cons:   Lacking a significant number of minor features and insurance filing was rmoved in 2014


It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Want to be able to customize their notes, don't need integrated electronic insurance filing, and don't immediately need some of the missing features

Standout Features: Checkout Wizard work flow, Custom Notes tool

Read and comment on the Full Review of MHPOffice



Delphi PBS

Ratings:   Features - 3.5   GUI/UX - 3   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 3.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - Y
Price: $125 +$50 per user set up; Ongoing montly fee of $75 per concurrent user.

Pros: Well Established, Some Very Detailed Features, Customizable Treatment Plans & Notes
Cons: Windows-centric, Not likely to have a client portal

Standout Features: Customizable Notes System

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Want the power of the customizable notes system and aren't worry about having a client portal.

Read and comment on the Full Review of Delphi PBS



TheraSoft Online

Ratings: Features - 4.5     GUI/UX – 3.5     Work Flow – 3    Learning Curve - 3.5     Support – 4
Features: Groups - Y    Scheduling - Y    Notes - Y    E-Filing - Y*    Billing – Y    Client Portal - Y*
Price: $69/mo + $30/mo for Electronic Insurance Claims (plus add ons), $49 for part-time clinicians or interns.

Pros:   Excellent Use of Calendar as Central Hub, Feature Rich, Full Clearinghouse Integration
Cons:  Cost, Additional Charges, Lack of Refinement in Some Areas

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That:  Want a full array of features and don't mind the added expense and/or lack of refinement in some areas.

Read and comment on the Full Review of TheraSoft










Carepaths / eRecord

Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX – 2   Work Flow – 3    Learning Curve - 3   Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   $30/mo and up (Discounts for Groups or part-time clinicians)

Pros:   Full Featured, Electronic Intake Forms & Assessments, Price
Cons:   Limited User Interface, Interface not tablet friendly, Lacking Polish On Some Features and Work Flow

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are budget conscious and willing to wait on a polished/refined GUI/UX.

Standout Features: Electronic Intakes, Comprehensive Data Collection, Array of Assessments

Read and comment on the Full Review of Carepaths / eRecord





Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX – 3   Work Flow – 2.5   Learning Curve - 3   Support – 4
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y*   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   $79.95/mo (discounts for groups and advanced payment) *Extra Charges for E-Filing

Pros:   Limited Client Portal, Solid Support
Cons:   Price, Basic BAA

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Want free form notes for Treatment Plans and Progress Notes and don't mind the lack of integrated data.

Standout Features: Client Portal, Customizable Forms, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Feature Integration in Calendar

Read and comment on The Full Review of Argonaut




Office Ally

Ratings:   Features – 4   GUI/UX – 2   Work Flow – 3   Learning Curve - 2   Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   Free to $29.95 and up

Pros:   Price, Feature Rich, Integrated Clearinghouse
Cons:  Fragmented Interface, Limited Notes

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Have price as a primary concern and not concerned with the learning curve.

Standout Features: Integrated clearinghouse, Price

Read and comment on the Full Review of Office Ally





Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX - 4   Work Flow - 4   Learning Curve - 3.5   Support - 5
Features: Groups - Y    Scheduling - Y    Notes - Y    E-Filing - Y    Billing - Y    Client Portal - Y
Price:  $50 / user for first 10 users   $10 / user for users over 10


Pros: Attention to Detail, CRM Functionality, Contact/Documentation Tracking, Price, Integrated outcome measures 

Cons: Limited Tablet/Mobile Use, Limited Insurance claim tracking (requires use of third party portal)

Standout Features:  CRM Functionality and integrated outcome measures

It's a Good Choice For Practices That:  Don't need mobile accessibility and don't mind waiting a bit longer for fully intergrated e-claim features.

Read and comment on the Full Review of BestNotes



Valant ReviewVālant

Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 2.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y   E-Filing - $ Billing - Y   Client Portal - $
Price: $40/mo (Additional Fees for Billing, E-Filing, Client Portal)

Pros: Full Featured, Well Established, Customization and Training Available

Cons: Cost for Full Features, Learning Curve, Not Tablet/Mobile Friendly

Standout Features: Notes Options, Calendar

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Only need the basic features and are having their billing/e-claims handled elsewhere, or larger practices that can bear the cost of the additional integrated features.

Read and comment on the Full Review of Valant


Compulink PsychAdvantage

Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX - 3   Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 2.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price: $69 or $99 base price per user.  Additional charges for claims features, client portal, and administrative staff.


Pros: Feature Rich, ERA Integration, Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Cons: Learning Curve, Cost

Standout Features: Reporting Capabilities and Open Office Integration

It Might Be a Good Choice For Practices That: Don't mind the tradeoff of cost for some of the more advanced features.

Read and comment on the Full Review of CompuLink PsychAdvantage 





Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 2.5   Learning Curve - 2   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price: $50/mo./user (Price breaks for groups of more than 10 clinicians)

Pros: Solid Feature Set, Flexibility, Customizability
Cons: Some Missing Integration, Learning Curve, Early Stages of Development

Standout Features: Tagging and filtering system, Ability to create customized forms

Full Review is in progress and an initial review can be seen in the Member's Section (free with newsletter subscription).





Ratings:   Features – 4.5   GUI/UX – 2.5   Work Flow – 3   Learning Curve - 2   Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y*   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   $69/mo +$65/add'l clinician + $75 annual licensing fee/user *integrated electronic claim filing is extra


Pros:   Well Established, Excellent Charting/Notes Features
Cons:   Learning Curve, Questionable Tablet Friendliness

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That:   Are agencies or large practices that stand to improve their bottom line significantly through use of the “auto-coding” feature (Medicare/Medicaid) and/or don't have plans to use mobile technology. Also might be a worthy consideration for solo or small practice Psychiatrists or clinicians who's main priority is creating comprehensive notes without much typing.

Standout Features: Button-Driven Notes,  “Auto-coding”

Read and comment on the Full Review of ICANotes





QuicDoc Office LogoQuicDoc Office

Ratings:   Features - 4.5   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3   Learning Curve - 3   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - Y Billing - Y Client Portal - N
Price: $189/mo (1 year contract)   $139/mo (2 year contract)  (Lower per user costs each additional user)

Pros: Very Detailed Features,  Unique Features, Well Established

Cons: Price, No Client Portal, Not Tablet Friendly

Standout Features: Attention to detail in existing features.

It's a Good Choice For Practices That:   Have a large number of clinicians and don't need a client portal or a user-friendly interface on tablet computers

Read and comment on the Full Review of QuicDoc Office





ClinicSource - ReviewClinicSource

Ratings:   Features - 4   GUI/UX - 3.5   Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 3.5   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - $  Billing - Y  Client Portal - N
Price:  $79 for the first user   $24 / add'l user   $29 / mo. for each additional billing location. Price breaks for groups of clinicians. Add'l charges for electronic billing, ERA processing, storage and telephone support

Pros: Great Integration of Treatment Plan and Notes, Detailed Control Over User Permissions, Good Supervision Integration, Custom Evaluations & Outcome Measures

Cons:  Cost, Some Time-Costing Details

Standout Features: Integration of Treatment Plans and Notes, along with Goals Library & Outcome Measures

It's a Good Choice For Practices That:  Are a multi-user, traditional group practice (filing under one NPI), that fit the pricing model well and don't need a Client Portal or Small Group users that don't mind additional cost for some of the features.

Read and comment on the Full Review of Clinic Source 




Ratings:   Features - 2.5   GUI/UX - 4   Work Flow - 2.5   Learning Curve - 4   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y Scheduling - Y Notes - Y E-Filing - N  Billing - N  Client Portal - N
Price: £14.95/mo  Note the pricing in pounds sterling.  (Discounts for multiple clinicans)

Pros: Simple Clean Interface and a Committment to Keep it That Way

Cons: No Insurance Filing, Limited Billing Features, Not HIPAA Compliant

Standout Features:  Custom correspondence documents

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Solo or small group practices that want to keep things very simple and don't have to comply with HIPAA

Read and comment on the Full Review of WriteUpp



MyClientsPlus - ReviewMyClientsPlus / Jituzu

Ratings:   Features - 2.5   GUI/UX – 2   Work Flow – 2   Learning Curve - 3   Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y*   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y*   Billing – Y   Client Portal - Y*
Price:   $19.95/mo. for My Clients Plus and Basic Jituzu $10/mo more for electronic claims filing. $7.95+/mo more for (50) appointment reminders . $14.95/mo more for Client Portal  ($52.95 for all features).

Pros:  Price for Basic Features
Cons:  Create Your Own Diagnosis List, Major Features only through second vendor, Rudimentary Interface, Limited Data Collected, Lack of Integrated Features.

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That:   Have a very small number of clients and either:  a) just want a simple note taking application  or  b) want some of the advanced features and don't mind navigating the interface

Read and comment on the Full Review of MyClientsPlus / Healthconnx


Therapy Charts

Ratings:   Features - 3   GUI/UX – 4   Work Flow – 4   Learning Curve - 4  Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - N   Billing - Y*   Client Portal - N
Price:   $75/mo (discounts for part-time and students) *Billing component is extra

Pros:   User Interface
Cons:   Value, No Plans for Client Portal, No Electronic Claims Filing (planned for future)

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That:   Aren't interested in a client portal, don't mind paying extra for billing and waiting on electronic insurance claim filing.

Standout Features:   Group Therapy Notes, Treatment Plan Integration

A note about TheraScribe:  I've received multiple communications from readers and clients, asking if I was going to review TheraScribe.  TheraScribe does not offer a cloud based practice management system.  They do, however, offer an add-on for Therapy Charts which incorporates their treatment planners into the TherapyCharts product.  It appears they are also presenting this as a product with them as the reseller "
TheraScribe® powered by TherapyCharts™".  It is not, however, a separate product.

Read and comment on the Full Review of Therapy Charts




Ratings:   Features - 3   GUI/UX - 4    Work Flow - 3.5   Learning Curve - 4   Support - U
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - N   Billing - Y   Client Portal - N
Price: $29/mo (for 10 clients/week), $39 (20 clients/week), $59 for unlimited clients


Pros: Friendly User-Interface, Short Learning Curve, Great Dashboard
Cons: Missing Some Details/Polish, No Integrated Electronic Insurance Filing or Client Portal

Standout Features: Dashboard, Waiting List, Document Organization

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are small, have basic needs, and want to outsource their e-filing and billing.

Read and comment on the Full Review of TherapyMate







iSalus, like PracticeFusion is a medical-centric EHR that provides a free option that quickly gets expensive if you need features like electronic insurance filing (requires the $99/provider plan) or appointment reminders (10 cents each, even for email reminders).  While a number of features are included, these are offset by the lack of user-friendly interface and oddities like the application only working with Internet Explorer.  While I may compile a more in-depth review in the future, currently I believe there are better options for most mental health practices.







Ratings:   Features – 2.5   GUI/UX – 4   Work Flow – 4.5   Learning Curve - 4   Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - Y   Billing - Y   Client Portal - Y
Price:   $100 plus $3 per Electronic Claim (capped at $300/month)

Pros:   Intuitive Note Taking, Fully Integrated Insurance Billing, Excellent GUI/UX
Cons:   Lack of Features, Price

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Have a big budget and really want a nice interface in combination with integrated ERAs and don't mind the waiting on the missing features or are able to negotiate a new price.

Standout Features: Interface, Integrated Electronic Insurance Billing

Read and comment on the Full Review of Empathic





Ratings:   Features - 2   GUI/UX - 2.5   Work Flow - 2.5   Learning Curve - 4   Support - ?
Features: Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - N   Billing - Y   Client Portal - N
Price: $54 per user per month ($25 per add'l user) + 3.9% credit card processing fees (and add'l charges)

Pros: Excellent Credit Card Integration and Automated Statements Feature

Cons: New features are rudimentary, No appointment reminders, no insurance features

Standout Features: Integrated Credit Card Features

It's a Good Choice For Practices That: Are fee for services practices that are primarily drawn to the credit card features.

Full Review is in progress and an initial review can be seen in the Member's Section (free with newsletter subscription).



Practice Fusion

Ratings:   Features - 3   GUI/UX – 3.5   Work Flow – 3  Learning Curve - 3  Support – U
Features:   Groups - Y   Scheduling - Y   Notes - Y   E-Filing - N   Billing - N   Client Portal - Y
Price:   Free (Supported by Advertising) Billing available from an external vendor at additional cost

Pros:   Price, Clean Interface
Cons:   Limited Feature-Set, Medical-Centric, Expensive to Integrate Billing

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Just want a basic scheduling and note taking application.

Standout Features: Price

Read and comment on the Full Review of Practice Fusion



Additional Reviews Can Be Found In The Members' Section
The following applications have reviews or comments available in the members' section: CentralReach, PracticePro Therapy, Automated Medical Assistant, AccuCare, and nTreatment.   The following applications can be found in the Members' section in the "Not In The Chase" article:  DrChrono, eClinicalWorks, EnableDoc, ShareNote, Welligent, Advix, CareCloud, CoCentrix, Echo, Foothold, Procentive, Acrendo, Qualifacts/CareLogic, Askesis, Sigmund Software)


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Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 09/19/2012 - 21:21

following this with great interest!

Mia's picture
Submitted by Mia on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 12:07

You've obviously done a whole lot of work on this and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm poised to take the plunge after years utilizing an antiquated paper system. Thank you so much for sharing this super helpful information!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 12:49

Thank you, Mia!  I'm glad you've found the information useful.  I'd love for you to share what you end up doing and whether you're satisfied with the product you choose.  One thing I can't offer is a variety of perspectives ane experience with all of these solutions, so I'd love for others to share their experiences.  Best of luck with your plunge!

David Brashear's picture
Submitted by David Brashear on Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:34

Awesome overview. I saw a package, proprietary to the practice, and wonder if there is anything similar I cam buy. New clients are sent a link before first visit. They receive brief assessments for affective disorders, cd, psychosis, and a couple others. About two questions each, but a positive answer triggers a lengthier assessment. There's a video on the page discussing the issues raised. There's a feature that contacts therapist immediately for certain answers. Whole thing is on an iPad. Integrated with client notes, other team providers. Best of all, each full assessment tool is a standard, validated instrument. So much of my assessment is complete before I see them.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 14:19

Hi David,

Do you happen to recall the name of the software? One of the benefits of proprietary software (i.e. custom development) is that you can have the app do exactly what you'd like. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks is that it tends to be very expensive. Some of the apps I've reviewed actually have features similar to those you've mentioned.

In any case, I encourage you to see this as a big picture purchase. Most apps have a very shiny feature that might draw you in. It's important that you ensure all the other every day important features are there as well. If you think of the name of the software, I'd love to hear about it!

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 16:29

Thanks so much for the great reviews. They have helped me a lot as I am choosing a practice management system. I've narrowed it down to Therapyappointment or Argonaut b/c I want integrated credit card processing with a click to charge.

I really love the look and feel of Therapynotes and Counsol, and wish they had that credit card feature. They both say they will have it at some point, I just wish I knew when! Hard to pull the trigger and do all the work to get into a system and then want to change it later. So I'm kind of paralyzed right now. Any advice?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 17:09

Hi Sara,

Great question. You're finding yourself in the same position as almost everyone I speak with. The only difference in the stories are the specific features in question. Essentially, none of these programs have every feature someone may want and so the difficult decision becomes which features are non-negotiable and which can be set aside for now.

There is certainly some significant time savings that can be gained in having fully integrated credit card acceptance. Unless you stay below $499 in charges with Argonaut, however, you're going to end up paying more for the service than you would through a service like Square however. One thing to consider is whether that additional cost is worth the minor time savings. In the end, it's not that difficult to enter what someone has paid in most of these other systems.

I'm curious what it is that makes the credit card integration the integral decision point for you?

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 19:01

Rob - I am a small solo practice and I don't work with insurance at all. All of my clients are private pay, and the majority use credit cards/debit cards/HSA. I guess just knowing that there are systems are out there where I could just click to get paid (and have the card info securely stored) makes me want that. I currently use Intuit for processing, and the fees are similar to Square (I key in at the end of the day - avoid dealing with cards in every session if I can help it - so no swiping).

I'm really tempted by Counsol and Therapynotes though and could be talked into keeping Intuit and just entering my payments in. It looks like Therapynotes is much newer though, so I'm hesitant to commit to that one...

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 19:18

Sara, it's definitely prudent to consider how long a company and product have been around. I don't know that I would rule out a brand new company (look at how new Square is, for example), but it's certainly a consideration, especially with something like this. If it makes any difference, however, I'm pretty sure CounSol and TherapyNotes are very similar in age, both started within the last couple of years.

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 19:51

Oh - thanks for the clarification - I've looked at so many systems, I must have been confused about Counsol's age.

I do also really want a client portal - not for scheduling, but for forms, etc. I realize this is one of the possible upcoming additions to Therapynotes. But Counsol has it already...? Wish I could see a better demo of Counsol. Do you have an opinion about the look and feel and ease of it compared to Therapynotes?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 19:58

I think they both have a nice clean interface. Almost all of these apps, including CounSol I believe have either a free trial period or a 30-day money back trial period.

Denise Hockley's picture
Submitted by Denise Hockley on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 11:14

Two questions, (I actually had three but one escapes me just now.)
What is GUI/UX?
Have you heard of Confidant Software and if yes what have you heard/researched?
Love your page comments...I have been reasearching for months and I know my hair is grayer because of it!
Thank you
Denise J. Hockley, LMFT

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 11:27

Hi Denise,GUI/UX = Graphic User Interface / User Experience.  You can read more about it in this blog article.
Many of the features mentioned and reviewed here are more fully explained in the previous articles of the series.

I've not heard of Confidant. It appears to be traditional software (i.e. installed on your computer) so it wouldn't be included in this series. I may do a future series on traditional software depending on if it continues to hold its own against these cloud-based solutions.

I completely understand what you mean about sifting through all of these solutions and the aging effects!

Denise Hockley's picture
Submitted by Denise Hockley on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 17:04

Just an extra note. After having read your research some more (with great interest), I have figured out which Practice mangagement System I will probably use. The fact that it was in the top three on your and my lists is heartening. You are a wealth of information and I am so appreciative.

Best Regards,

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 21:39


Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you've found the information here helpful. I also hope you will come back and share your thoughts and experience with the application that you chose once you've used it a while. People can definitely benefit from hearing experiences of those who have spent more significant time with these products.

Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Wed, 10/10/2012 - 22:12

Denise - I am in the final push of figuring out which system I will go with. I would love to hear what your choice is and why you chose it.

I agree that Rob's reviews and advice are awesome and so helpful.


Denise Hockley's picture
Submitted by Denise Hockley on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 10:55

Dear Sara:
I am pretty sure I am going to be purchasing Therapy I am a sole practitioner and will never have more than a part-time practice. So the cost is excellent. It's probably not the first thing I should consider but at this juncture it is.

I also like that it has everything. Also when you input one piece of information, it automatically takes care of billing and other duties. It is true that's it's user interface isn't as "pretty" as some of the others but that matters less to me.

Also while it may take a little more time for me to learn, that doesn't seem daunting. I also like it because of the Client Portal including reminders and scheduling, ERA integration, Customizable note templates, in other words the Standout features, Rob mentions.

I've also had contact by email with Therapy Appointment .com and so far they have been very helpful and quick to respond.

Hope that helps.

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 12:18

Denise - that is really helpful. Therapyappt is definitely at the top of my list at this point as well. Thanks for your great feedback!


Andy Buffington's picture
Submitted by Andy Buffington on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 16:08


Rachel's picture
Submitted by Rachel on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 16:25

I have a paypal widgit on my website to accept payments and plan to use as my online scheduler until TherapyNotes offers that feature!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 16:52

Hi Rachel,
The PayPal widgets work well. I use one on this site for the Feature Matching consultation and have used it on other sites as well.

One caution about cloud-based scheduling systems like Schedulicity: Many are not HIPAA compliant. I'm guessing that clients have to use real names, phone numbers and perhaps even an address to schedule appointments. That's PHI being stored on servers. You'd need a BAA with the companies and, ideally encryption to ensure HIPAA compliance. The only one that maintains HIPAA compliance that I'm aware of is FullSlate.

That said, I've not asked those companies if they will sign a BAA, but am doubtful. If you've found differently, I'd love to hear about it!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 18:06

I need to clarify my statement. It's not the responsibility of the applications themselves to be HIPAA compliant. There are guidelines they can follow that will help their Covered Entity customers be HIPAA compliant. The keys to the CA being compliant is that the applications/vendors follow HIPAA guidelines and are willing to enter into a BAA.

Pam's picture
Submitted by Pam on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 18:33

As others have said, you've done a lot of work! I, too, am wondering which system to use, which features are negotiable, & which are non-negotiable (LOW PRICE!). I'm trying to picture your reaults on a comparison grid, with features listed by rows to make it easier to select those non-negotiable features I'm looking for.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 19:05

I've actually considered doing a feature comparison grid and may end up doing so one day. Right now, it would change so rapidly, it would be a challenge just to keep it updated. One of the things my Feature Matching Service provides is a form where you can report to me what your priorities are; which features are most important and what the priority of other factors are like cost and user-friendliness. I then provide a written report based on your information where I recommend a solution based on your particular needs and priorities.

Megan's picture
Submitted by Megan on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 10:36


Excellent blog. I used Full Slate for scheduling and love it. My clients love it as well. I was under the understanding that Full Slate IS HIPAA compliant. This has me in a bit of a panic. What is a BAA?

Thank you!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 10:46

Hi Megan,

A BAA or BAC is a "Business Associate Agreement" or "Business Associate Contract". As a Covered Entity, you must have one of these with any vendor you share PHI with in order to be fully HIPAA compliant. For more information, you can read this blog article I wrote as part of this series.

SAdamsLPC's picture
Submitted by SAdamsLPC on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 18:39

Rob, I want to concur with everyone else that you have done a lot of work and we all appreciate your doing that for us. Although I've already made my management system decision, I was excited to find this website to refer friends to.
I am a happy CounSol user, so I thought I would share my experience. Personally, I would rate their customer service as a 5, only because I could not give it more. I have never worked with any company that responds so fast...I have started appointments with clients who had problems with video feed on their end, and the live customer service was solving it for me right then. I think I only had to delay my appointment ten minutes, because they were there to fix it.
I didn't know that they might have plans to put in a credit card gateway, but if I don't use their PayPal gateway I use Square. I created a customized credit card form on my portal and have clients save their information for me to charge on the day of their appointment. It seems to work well.
On the full Counsol review, and elsewhere, you mention the BAA/BAC dilemma (thank you, that was helpful.) While counselors using this program may want to get a BAA/BAC for their own purposes, I believe that because it is de-identified health information (Counsol does not have access to names, just client numbers) it would not be a concern. Am I understanding that correctly?
Anyway, I usually don't write reviews unless I am either REALLY impressed or REALLY disappointed. Counsol has definitely been one of the former for me. :) They always help with customer service issues, and they have helped me build in custom features for my clients. They are new compared to some, but they've done a lot just since I've been a user - I think closing in on a year now. :)

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 21:30

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your comments on CounSol. While I was as thorough as I could be in my reviews, it absolutely helps everyone to hear from other users as well. It's especially good to hear from someone that uses their secure video feature since I didn't have the opportunity to test that.

I'm curious to hear where you got the information regarding them de-identifying health information. There's nothing mentioning this on their web site. In addition, when I was reviewing it and had an opportunity to have them troubleshoot an issue I was having, it was clear that they did indeed have access to the client information. Further evidence that they have access is the email appointment reminders that they send. While they don't send any PHI in the email, the email address itself is considered PHI.

Regardless, HIPAA is pretty clear that if you are transmitting PHI to or through a vendor, a BAA/BAC is required. I have read that there is a legal grey area if the PHI is always encrypted and the vendor never has access to the data. However, it is exactly that, a grey area, partly because there has been no case law to explore it.

There are additional reasons to have a BAA/BAC, connected to the requirements HIPAA lays out regarding having documentation of your risk assessment, data security, etc. Another grey area, current wisdom on this is that if you have a BAA/BAC with a vendor it puts the onus on them to have done those things, especially if you request such documentation.

CounSol has reported that they are open to signing a BAA/BAC, so it would seem the prudent move for every covered entity to be sure they have one.

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 21:59

I decided to give Counsol a try and have been testing it out for about a week. I agree with SAdamsLPC that the customer service is outstanding. My account manager has been working with me all week on a few things I needed tweaked. Very quick response and very open to feedback.

I did submit a BAA to them for signature. (My husband is an attorney and his firm recommended it and wrote it for me). Counsol reviewed it and signed it and sent it back. Very easy, but it did take a week.

SAdams, did you say that you heard that they might add credit card processing? I would love that - it's the only thing missing in my opinion. I currently use Intuit Gopayment and it's fine, but I'd love to have everything in one place.

I haven't actually used Counsol for real clients yet (I was waiting on the BAA which I just received back from them today) but I'm excited to get going.

SAdamsLPC's picture
Submitted by SAdamsLPC on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 09:33

Rob, I was told by their own customer service that they have no access to client names, and I have had to give client numbers on numerous occasions in order to get a particular technical issue looked out. Now, with the email address, you've got me there. I didn't consider that being PHI, but you're right. It seems like based on that, I might want a BAA to make sure I'm covering all my bases. As an experienced consultant on practice management systems, do you suggest that counselors spell out what information is shared with your management system in your informed consent? Thanks!
Sara, I could have sworn I read on this blog post that payment gateways were upcoming for Counsol, but now I can't find it and I'm wondering if I had end-of-day brain and made it up somehow! I will ask my account manager if that is the case so I can say for sure. (I may be remembering a conversation with him at some point.) As I said, now I don't worry about it much but it would definitely add value for me if it was all integrated, so I hope that is in the future!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 09:55

S, (can we call you "S"?) :)

The informed consent question is something I encourage you to run by a lawyer to be sure. My understanding is that it typically suffices to have a general statement addressing the fact that you do share limited PHI with vendors for the purposes of fulfilling your duties (like for taking notes, filing claims, etc.). I doubt you need to spell out exactly what data points you share, but should be willing to explain them should a client ask.

On the credit card front, I completely understand your confusion. Each of these products is continually announcing up and coming features. With things moving at such a rapid pace, it can be hard to keep track of who has announced what.

SAdamsLPC's picture
Submitted by SAdamsLPC on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 10:07

Lol! You can call me Stephanie. :) Thanks for the advice, that is something I will want to follow up on. I will comment again once I've found out what's going on with credit card processing, since it seems to be something more than one person wants to know about.

Lori 's picture
Submitted by Lori on Fri, 12/28/2012 - 14:16

Rob, My husband and I have been in full-time practice for 23 years and I have to say your reviews of the practice management systems is like nothing I have ever seen!!! Thank you so much for this information. We have used Therapist Helper for about 17 years but just for billing. Not that we are dissatisfied with it, but I started looking around for a system that has more functions. I found Therapy Appointment on and they also recommend it. Two questions:
1) What do you think of Therapist Helper?
2) Do you know if Therapy Appointment is going to get a facelift anytime? I agree that their user interface is unappealing. I was also concerned that the software seems almost too good to be true!
Thanks for your help!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 12/28/2012 - 14:51

Hi Lori,
Thank you for your positive feedback and your questions. There have been a lot of changes in the last 23 years so I imagine you've worked hard to keep a successful practice that long. Here are some answers to your questions:

1) I don't have a well formed opinion about Therapist Helper. I've never used it. I've heard mostly positive reviews of it from others. Since it is a "traditional" software product, I won't likely be looking into it any more closely any time soon. Unless, of course, they develop an online version.

2) In my conversations with staff at Therapy Appointment, they have acknowledged its need for a facelift. While they have said they hope to address it, they've offered no guarantees or timelines with regard to such an effort. That's definitely disappointing since they are at the forefront with regard to features.

This may not be news to you, but I'll offer a word of warning anyway. Be sure, when seeking recommendations and reviews that you consider the relationship the source has with the product., for example, has advertising partnerships with many other web sites and vendors. There's a potential conflict of interest there since it makes good business sense for them to offer recommendations for products they already have a business relationship with. That's not to say the recommendation is without value. Just something to be aware of.

Thank you again for your feedback!

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 01:14

Hi, Rob,

Your reviews here are fantastic. I am very grateful (as expressed also by others!).

Have you looked at PracticeSuite? They are in the running with affordability. I still don't know about their features, though.

I am looking at Therapy Appointment also. The user interface truly is ugly, unfortunately. I need to be able to see what is on the screen!

I have been using Therabill. Price is good (and they are several steps above My Clients Plus). But, the constant tinkering makes it hard to deal with. Deal breaker was when, yet again, there was a change d/t said tinkering that ended up in reminder emails not going out. (This has happened several times. The owner/customer service is usually helpful. This time he suggested i consider linking it with other scheduling software. (Scheduling is not easy. No drop and drag, though there is drop and click.)

Joe Dundas's picture
Submitted by Joe Dundas on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 11:19


Therabill is always striving to introduce new features and improve on features we already have. I would actually beware of EMR software that is not doing this. The landscape in this field changes very quickly (with new regulations all the time being introduced). Make sure that whatever software you choose is not sitting on their hands with their product. It could become a boat anchor in the past.

The issue that Jane is referring to was briefly introduced when we added a feature to our e-mail reminders that would allow the client to 'confirm' that they would make the session from within the e-mail.

Here is my two cents on it. Yes. It is terrible when a bug is introduced into software. Unfortunately, it happens though with pretty much any software that you will choose. The thing you should look for is when a bug is introduced is how quickly it is dealt with. I am actually looking at the support ticket on this case. The bug in question was reported by Jane on 12/5/2012 at 11:23PM Central Time. The bug was fixed on 12/6/2012 at 7:50AM Central Time. That is, it was fixed immediately the next morning. The question to ask is, does your software have a response time comparable to that?

I would also like to point out that Therabill is web based software. Therefore, there wasn't anything that any member had to download and install to get the fix. They simply logged in the next morning and the problem was gone.

Ericbohl's picture
Submitted by Ericbohl on Sun, 06/18/2017 - 15:22

Your conscientious response has encouraged me to try out your software....
Eric Bohl

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 08:40

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your feedback! It's always valuable when people who have used these products over time offer their experiences. It helps give readers a more complete picture. It sounds like your experience with TheraBill matches my original review with regards to the updates. I'm curious, how do you feel about some of the latest improvements to documentation there? I just revisited it as part of a plan to update my reviews and saw that some positive changes had been made.

As for PracticeSuite, I ruled it out of my initial batch of reviews due to it seeming very "medical office centric" and it's confusing pricing. With four levels of pricing and multiple "add on" features, it can be difficult to gauge how well it competes with the other products. In addition, I don't believe they have a free trial period for use of their EHR (only the billing). They're on my list of products to check back in with, however. Thank you for pointing them out!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 01/18/2013 - 20:09

An update on Practice Suite. In taking a closer look, I found that you can discover their pricing by clicking on the "Sign Up" button. While their Billing Software (essentially insurance claim filing) is free, their EHR/Practice Management piece is a whopping $199/user/month. AND there are setup fees. That pretty much rules it out of getting a review since I'm currently focused on reviewing applications that are affordable for mental health practitioners.

Michael's picture
Submitted by Michael on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 17:51

I found on the PracticeSuite website that the $199/mo. was for MD's (medical doctors).

To Add Psychology, Behavioral, or Mental Health EHR is only $29/mo. per therapist (one-time set up fee of $99), which is fairly affordable. Here's the link:

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 20:52

Hi Michael,

Thank you for bringing Practice Suite's pricing changes to my attention. I may have to take a closer look now. I still have some concerns though. I'm generally a fan of a la carte pricing as it allows people to just use what they need. If I'm understanding their structure, however, the pricing could quickly add up for busy providers. Plus, I saw some set up fees mentioned on other pages of the site that don't appear in that chart. I'm not as much a fan of a la carte when the pricing isn't crystal clear.

Still it appears that this change might make it a feasible solution cost-wise so I'll have to take a closer look and see if they've truly made it user friendly for mental health.

Denise Hockley's picture
Submitted by Denise Hockley on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 10:57

I just had to comment on Therapy Appointment. I have been using it since the end of October and I love it. And I know I am not using all of the potentialities right now. I find something new on a button almost every time I use it. That doesn't make it difficult to use. But like everything new, it takes a while to understand all of the features. Is it perfect? No, but damn near. My husband isn't perfect either but I'm keeping him:) LOL

What's good. Easy to use, easy and quick to get help, affordable, interactive with Office Ally so essentially tells you when to do your billing which you can opt out of if you want to wait until the end of the month. They also have a integrated biography form, which I don't use because you can't tailor it to your particular needs. And an integrated credit card system which I also don't use because it's pricier than I want for my small practice. (I use Professional Charges whose fees are reasonable and they save all the info other than the charge card # in their data storage.) Scheduling appointments is super easy either weekly, or repeating. And clients can schedule either from the Therapy appointment website or if you link the icon to your own website.
Reminders are also regular and once you set them you never have to think about them again.

It is true that the user interface is not as large and easy to read as I would like. So I sit slightly closer to my computer and use my glasses. But I'm rarely fustrated and it meets my multiple needs. When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast last year, the president sent us all additional contact points if there were problems, which there weren't.

All in all, I love it! And yeah, you have thirty days to try it out.

Thanks Rob for all your continued insights. You are a trailblazer.
Denise J. Hockely, LMFT, RAS

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 11:57


Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with myself and the readers. It sounds like your impressions are very similar to my own and it's good to hear that you were able to find a good match!

*wielding my virtual machete*

Joe Dundas's picture
Submitted by Joe Dundas on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 11:25

I do want to add to expand on my last post to stress a point. Software updates, while may seem like a bad thing... We (Therabill) actually get a lot more positive feedback about our updates. We more commonly hear from our members comments such as "We love the new update you made where we can now...".

Again, I would like to point out again, that in this type of software (with the constantly evolving requirements), I would be wary of software that is not tinkering and making any updates.

Kathy G Slaughter LCSW's picture
Submitted by Kathy G Slaught... on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 14:31

Hi Rob!

We made our final decision on a new EMR system before this review was written. All the same, we wouldn't change our choice. We used CarePaths from April to August of 2012. Terrible experience. I can't even begin to explain how bad. As a clinician, my experience was good, not stunning, but good. For our admin office, the system was a nightmare.

We started using Valant in September. Our sales associate was willing to work with us to find a price point we could absorb, which was in line with what Therapy Appointment charges. Valant is not quite as full featured, but the user interface is pretty fantastic, support is responsive, the mobile interface works well on tablets, and I am confident they will continue to improve their product.

We are a three therapist, one admin practice planning on substantial growth over the next 18 months.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 10:39

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Valant. I had hoped to do a complete review of it, however, they would never commit to pricing that was competitive in the market I was reviewing. I definitely got the impression they were willing to negotiate individually. That you were able to do this, will be good information for many. Others would prefer to have that information up front and will likely rule them out on that basis.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 17:19

I have to say Joe is correct in that he is extremely responsive to problems. I hope I did not give a different impression.

I am experiencing staffing changes at the moment and I need to be able to send out my insurance claims myself on the fly, which is intimidating.

I would agree that many of the changes end up being quite positive overall. The challenge is what it can be like in the meantime.

However, to be clear, Joe is generally very quick to respond. And he has been willing to add features that he believes a number of his clients would like (such as email and text reminders).

In addition, his pricing is very attractive and one of the most affordable, especially for a small group of providers.

It was both more affordable and more functional than My Clients Plus was at the time I used MCP, even though it doesn't suit my present needs as well (due to other practice changes).

Joe Dundas's picture
Submitted by Joe Dundas on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 18:59

Hey Jane,

Sending out your own insurance claims can actually be pretty easy. It is the follow ups that can be frustrating. If you have not sent out claims through Therabill yourself and are needing to find out how, you might want to attend our weekly webinar on Getting Started. You can register for our next one (which is tomorrow - Friday) by clicking the register link at the top of your dashboard in Therabill. We also do personal trainings over the phone using screen share software - just let us know if you would like to get that set up. It may be that you just are not aware of all that Therabill offers you.

Carl Alsing's picture
Submitted by Carl Alsing on Thu, 01/24/2013 - 11:01

I am a happy user of PracticeMate, a new product from the Office Ally people.
Pros: No cost. Feature rich. Integrated clearinghouse. Click click click
submits the claim. Free unlimited one-on-one training.
Cons: Training and time to get used to the user interface.

Rick K's picture
Submitted by Rick K on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 13:50

Looks like these guys created a fairly extensive notes platform with an add-on to Salesforce. I have looked at it a little. They seem to be brand new, but feature rich. Huge mess of stuff, but I can see someone becoming a power user of it and being very happy. It would be great if you would do your entire analysis of this one. Would it make it into you top picks?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 14:05

Hi Rick,
PracticePro Therapy is on my radar. I've spent some time with it and also talked with some of the people there. It's definitely currently geared toward power users. One of the reasons I'm holding off on doing a full write-up is that they report that they are making some significant changes sometime in the near future. Significant enough that it would have a pretty big impact on my review.

As the system is now, I don't think it would make it into the top picks, however, depending on what happens in the next revision that could change. I'm not prepared to get into detail about my reasoning yet. However, I will say that two initial concerns I have are the price point and the fact that they require a one-year contract that automatically renews if they aren't given proper notice. The potential customization and other features may lead to those being non-issues depending on how the product develops. One thing to note is that it's brand new. They only launched 4th quarter of last year so they are likely adjusting to initial user and market feedback. The product shows a lot of promise and potential for one that is so new.

Sydney's picture
Submitted by Sydney on Sat, 10/05/2013 - 18:20

I'm investigating this solution right now, have requested a 30 day trial. I think this is the new updated version of their program, Gen2. I'm excited to try it out. Your series is great! Now I have clearer idea of what's possible, what to look for. I've used a desk top based program, Sumtime, for more than 15 years and I'm so comfortable with it. Time to move on. Thank you so much.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sun, 10/06/2013 - 10:33


You can find a brief review of PracticePro in the member's section. If they've truly released their next major version, it's been a long-time coming. Much longer than they originally projected. They remain much more expensive than other options and, last I checked, they still required a minimum one-year contract.

Mary Anne's picture
Submitted by Mary Anne on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 23:46

Rob, I am so glad to have found your blog! Your reviews are really helpful. I have been overwhelmed with reviewing so many systems, and your evaluations are very helpful. Have you reviewed either Delphi or Cinic Source? We are a practice of 8 psychologists, and Delphi looks like it may have most of the features we are looking for, but one deal breaker may be the cost of the cloud if they really charge $90. per person per month. I hope I am mistaken about that cost. The other thing that we are getting hung up on is that we may have to manually enter all of our data by hand of hundreds of patients the office is currently seeing, rather than have some way that we can transfer billing data all at once from our old computer billing system, SOS. Any thoughts? Thanks so much for your great blog!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 09:59

Hi Mary Anne,

There is definitely an overwhelming selection of systems. Because of this I had to limit my initial reviews in some way. I stuck with systems that were cloud based and under $100 for a solo practitioner.

Delphi didn't qualify because of it's structure. While you can access it via the cloud, my understanding is that you must first purchase the software ($895 I believe) and then pay $75 per user every month to then access it via the Internet.

**UPDATE 2/25/2014 ** I've recently been contacted by Delphi and informed that the $895 purchase price does not apply to the cloud-based software. They report that the upfront cost for the cloud version is $175. I may be looking to review it some time early this year.

That put it beyond the price point I was looking at. I may offer an article sometime this year that mentions some of the more expensive options, including products that are more robust and may be a good choice for larger groups or agencies.

ClinicSource is a solution I wasn't aware of, so I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I'll put it in my queue of products to review.

As for data portability, there are some vendors that will help you transfer data to their system, but many will not. This is especially troublesome if you are using a system for a complete billing solution.

Since everyone's set up may be unique, especially in considering the system they are moving from and to, it's likely you'd benefit from a consult on how to best manage the transition.

AdamW's picture
Submitted by AdamW on Thu, 02/07/2013 - 19:15

Thanks so much for your excellent reviews. I have a part-time practice and only see private pay clients. They often, however, want a statement or Superbill they can submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Can you tell me which of your top (or almost top) picks provide acceptable Superbills for 3rd party insurance companies?


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 02/07/2013 - 21:54

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the great question! Of the top three, I believe CounSol is the only one that didn't have a Superbill last I checked. One of the things I'm considering is publishing feature grid for all of these. There are some challenges associated with that, the primary one being keeping it up to date.

In the meantime, if you need help narrowing your choice down based on a set of features you are looking for, you might consider my feature match service

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 09:39

Hi Rob. I ended up signing up with Counsol in November, and they worked with me to make a superbill for clients. I had them add the service code and diagnosis code to their receipts - they auto-fill from the tx plan. Clients can even print them off as needed using the client portal. Works great. Counsol is awesome at responding to suggestions.


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 16:09


Thank you again for sharing your experience. It sounds like all three of the top picks offer SuperBills along with many of the others in the list.


AdamW's picture
Submitted by AdamW on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 17:25


That's great information! Did they design it just so you could use it, or is a Superbill now available to all members? And Rob, given that I only take private pay clients, is there any reason to prefer TherapyAppointment over Counsol, given that the latter's user interface is nicer? Should I be deterred by the need (with Counsol) to create my own BAA? I'm not a lawyer, and that sounds expensive!

Thanks to you both.

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 17:58

Adam - it's fixed for everyone. When I first started with Counsol I realized that the receipts and invoices didn't have cpt codes or diagnosis codes. It took a little while, but their development people changed it - and on your practice preferences you can select where you want the diagnosis code to feed from - I use the tx plan.

I am also private pay only, but I did get a BAA signed by them just to be on the safe side - my husband is an attorney so it was easy for me. I think there are templates online - Rob, is that right?

And to chime in about TherapyAppointment v. Counsol, the thing I liked better about TA is that it has integrated credit card processing. But I do like the interface of Counsol a lot.


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 17:37


If you only accept private pay clients and not filing claims for them, you likely never engage in any HIPAA Covered Transactions. They mostly have to do with filing insurance claims, checking benefits/eligibility, etc. In that case, you would not be a Covered Entity under HIPAA, and therefore not need a BAA.

In any case, having a BAA isn't that expensive, especially in comparison to the potential HIPAA fine should a covered entity be caught without one.


Deanne's picture
Submitted by Deanne on Wed, 02/13/2013 - 21:38

Hello Rob,

Thank you for all of the wonderful information and insight! In my search (still ongoing and with more options thanks to you) I came across PIMSY and wondered what your impression is?


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 02/13/2013 - 21:52

Hi Deanne,

I took a brief tour of PIMSY at one point and talked with some reps there. I came away with a very positive impression. It didn't make this list, however, because it didn't fall within the pricing criteria I laid out. Depending on what features/options chosen, it was priced roughly about twice as high as any of the options currently reviewed.

I wasn't able to do a thorough investigation of the product since they don't do free trial periods. The product did look impressive in the demo however, and might be a good choice for a sizable agency or larger private practice that takes insurance, especially if they deal significantly with Medicaid.

I hope to one day do some brief reviews of some of these more expensive options. If I do, it will definitely include PIMSY.

Toni's picture
Submitted by Toni on Thu, 11/06/2014 - 12:59

I am so thankful for your work and this blog. I have been reading and re-reading all week moving closer to decision for my solo private practice. I called PIMSY and was quoted $100.00 per month for the middle tier program. I was so excited and ready to proceed until they sent me a contract that explained a $4800.00 start up fee. That is outrageous and I am back to the drawing board....moving toward therapy appointment.
Thanks again for all your information

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 13:30

Has anyone had any experience with Automated Medical Assistant? Their rates seem very reasonable, and they also use one of the less expensive companies for credit card processing. Unfortunately there is no demo to try, and I wonder whether this company is a one-man-show (I called the get more information and the voicemail sounds like you are calling a guy/doctor - not a company).

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 13:43

Hi Robyn,

I've not run into anyone that has used Automated Medical Assistant. You're hitting on some of the concerns that lead me to leave it out of my initial review cycle. There's further evidence of what you're talking about in that their Twitter link goes directly to the Doctor's Twitter and he hasn't posted in over a year.

This is on my radar to eventually review. However, the lack of a demo makes that problematic. Let us know if you hear anything back!

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:30

So the company texted me a demo login to try. It's a pretty antiquated, linear set up. Lots of drop down boxes, links for previous page, main menu. Not very esthetically pleasing at all. I spent two minutes logged in, so obviously I didn't fully get into the scope of the program - but two minutes was all I needed to know Automated Medical Assistant isn't for me.

Erika's picture
Submitted by Erika on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 19:13

Re evaluate this program it is Awesome! user friendly the updates are amazing , it has completely changed the way we do things and has made us a more organized and profitable company.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 19:37

Hi Erika,

When I was provided a demo of Valant, I was impressed by many of its features and also identified some areas that needed improvement.

But that has little to do with why they don't have a full review here or are in the "Not Likely Contenders" category. This initial set of reviews focuses on solutions that are affordable for solo and small private practices. While the people at Valant initially indicated to me they were considering pricing that would make it more workable for such a market, they ultimately didn't follow through.

The truth is that many of these programs will help providers become more organized and profitable. At the time of these reviews, however, Valant did not offer a price point that was competitive with the rest of these solutions. Nor did it offer significant features that made it worth the increased price.

Janella's picture
Submitted by Janella on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 16:53

Thanks for the information. Have you ever heard about Lux Sci at It's HIPAA compliant and I think it does e-mail and scheduling.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 17:01

Hi Janella,

I have heard of LuxSci, however they do not offer an integrated practice management system. As you noted, they do have encrypted email and scheduling applications, but that isn't enough for them to fit in with the reviews here.

I may cover utility applications like that in the future however.

Nelson's picture
Submitted by Nelson on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 13:23

I recently came across a cloud practice management option called "Cliniko" that appears to be relatively new but developing quickly. Would be interested in hearing how you think it stands up against the competition as you appear to have done a lot of work researching these! Cheers, Nelson

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 15:51

Hi Nelson,

Thank you for bringing Cliniko to my attention. Cliniko looks intriguing for a new product. It looks like it is based in Australia so it's not likely to have some important features for some in the states (insurance filing and HIPAA compliance). But for those who aren't covered entities and those in other countries, it looks like a possibility. I'll definitely add it to my list of apps to look into. There are so many applications like this popping up right now, it's quite the challenge to keep up!

Casey Truffo's picture
Submitted by Casey Truffo on Mon, 03/23/2015 - 15:45

HI! We've been using Cliniko for a year now (we don't need to be HIPAA compliant and don't do insurance billing) and we LOVE IT. Works well for a group practice, is priced reasonably, and the customer service is outstanding. They are working toward HIPAA compliance but are not there yet. Just my two cents.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 21:54


It's great to have you offer your experiences! Because Cliniko is working toward HIPAA compliance, they are on my list of applications to review soon.

I'll offer one caution to those who are not technically Covered Entities according to HIPAA. More and more HIPAA is being considered "best practices" and the standard by which to judge whether providers are doing their best to ensure the privacy and security of their clients data. Further, some states (MN and TX come to mind) even have laws that are more stringent than HIPAA. Finally, some codes of ethics (like the American Counseling Association) require that their members follow regulations in protecting client data.

Should someone who is not a covered entity ever receive a complaint about their privacy or security measures, it's entirely possible HIPAA/HITECH will be used as the measuring stick for whether they were doing everything they could to protect that data. For that reason, it's important that even those who aren't Covered Entities are aware of it. My recommendation is that they go a step further and work toward complying with it as well.

drmre's picture
Submitted by drmre on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 00:49

I am interested whether you or anyone have had experience with Quicdoc ( I have a large group of 28 therapists in three different buildings and need a solution offering the ability to share notes, change provider fee's, schedule one client with multiple therapists in a single day, print a schedule of booked appointments. Thank you for your time and efforts in this area. Marcus

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 11:15

I just received an initial quote on pricing from QuicDoc. It's definitely not a viable option for a solo practitioner at $189 per month. They offered a significantly reduced per user quote for 28 clinicians, so it might be worth pursuing if you have a large group. I'm not sure I've seen anything in its feature set, however, that would make it worth the extra cost. It will remain on my "to be investigated further" list for now.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 09:59

Hi Marcus,
QuicDoc didn't make the initial set of my reviews because of its pricing and other factors. Most of the products targeted at the meaningful use market tend to be much more expensive than the solutions already reviewed (with PracticeFusion and ICANotes being the notable exceptions).

Are you a Psychiatrist or other mental health provider?

drmre's picture
Submitted by drmre on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 00:05

A family psychologist, we have one psychiatrist as part of our practice. My front office reviewed Quicdoc and was not impressed with the scheduler. They also spoke to therasoft and went through a demo with them. They were impressed with the program. I noticed you did not rate it very high.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 10:05

TheraSoft does have an impressive demo. At the time I did the original review it carried a $400 set up cost along with $79 per clinician and no price breaks for multiple clinicians. It was also an additional $30 per clinician for electronic insurance claims. They've since dropped the setup fee and cut $10 off the monthly fee, but if you need to file insurance claims, that still makes them significantly more expensive than the other contenders.
In addition, their banner seems to continually imply that the pricing is temporary. They seem to update it each month to say you have to sign up by the end of the current month to get this pricing. As of right now, it still says you have to sign up by 2/28/2013. I'm not sure why they wouldn't just stick with the pricing long-term instead of advertising it as a deal.

I'm hoping to get a closer look at the program soon in order to determine if the added expense brings with it added features/functionality. At that time, I will definitely update my review.

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 17:53

Therapy Partner just released an EHR component. They used to be just for credit card processing (which I use), but just this last week launched the ability to keep notes, etc. I haven't tried it yet, but thought you might want to check it out. I've signed up for a demo for next week and can write back after that. The one thing I don't like about TP is that they have some of the highest credit card processing rates around.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 21:58

Hi Robyn,

I suspected Therapy Partner might expand at some point. Do you have any further information on this? Their web site doesn't say anything about offering an EHR, or any expansion on services they already offered. I agree with your assessment of their credit card processing rates. Definitely not a bargain.

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 22:18

Looks like they've launched it to current clients first, and open to the public on March 16.

Below is the list of features in the promo I was sent:
A Comprehensive Look at Therapy Partner 3.0 Features
Scheduling/Integrated Calendaring
Progress Notes & EMR Storage (Stored Securely/encrypted)
Quick Bill Feature – Bill your entire day or week with one easy click!
Comprehensive Billing Including Credit Card Storage (Stored Securely/encrypted)
Secure Encrypted Automated Statements
Complete Revenue Tracking/Management
Complete Client Record Keeping & Data Storage
Associate Management & Administrative Oversight

pricing says $54 per month + 3.9% cc transactions, or $74 per month +3.5% transaction rate

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 22:22

Thank you for sharing, Robyn. I will definitely take a look and review this. Looks like they are getting wise about their CC rates. Still a bit high, but more reasonable than the 4.9% it was the last I looked. The lack of e-filing of insurance claims is a glaring omission, but not a deal breaker for some. Should be interesting to see what they've done.

Rita's picture
Submitted by Rita on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 11:11

I am leaning towards Therapy Appointments for our not-for-profit organization. We have 14 therapists and our concern is the reporting capability for a combination of thereapists under one entity. We also want all clients to be clients of our facility, not of each therapist. With Therapy Appointments is this feasible where the therapist cannot take the client information with them should they leave? Would your recommend Therapy Appointments for a facility of our size?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 16:24

Hi Rita,
I can't really offer a general recommendation for which system it's best for your group without a lot more information. I will say that most of these systems do support a traditional group setup (i.e. all clinicians filing under one NPI) as well as control over who can export data. I can't really weigh in on other ways clinicians might get the data since that gets into legal and ethical issues that vary from state to state.

If you'd like a more detailed recommendation, you might want to investigate our Feature Match Report in the Services section of the website.

Marcia's picture
Submitted by Marcia on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 22:53

I work with a solo practice currently using My Clients Plus and Appointment Plus. We would like to have a system with more report capabilities such as list of clients and/or insurance companies that owe...and make that sortable by name, amount, aging, etc. Any suggestions?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 11:20

Hi Marcia,

There are several products that fit your request. I don't make specific recommendations based on singular features, however, because it wouldn't take into account the many other features that might be important to you. You might want to check out the following if you want a specific product recommendation: Feature Match Report

Stacey Horn's picture
Submitted by Stacey Horn on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 11:18

Hi Rob, Well, I've decided to transfer from Therapynotes to CounSol. So far I like the portal, and like how my forms are looking there.
I wish the other therapists scheduling wasn't separate, but I like how the notes flow easily. I like access to Video, even though we currently aren't using it.
Since I have a billing service, that part works, but I'm being cautious as it's a pain to change again. I originally started with OfficeAlly, then transitioned to Therapynotes and do like them- especially the free email appointment reminders. Any suggestions or things that I'm missing?
As always, thanks for your sharing info!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 18:46

Hi Stacey,
Unfortunately, you're story is not unique. I often hear from people who have moved from solution to solution hoping to find the right fit for their practice. Because many of these products are so new, it's still difficult for many to find the right solution for them. It doesn't sound to me like you're missing anything. Just experiencing that while one application will really shine in one area, another will be much better in another.

It's this sort of time-consuming trial and error that has made my Feature Match Report valuable to so many. I'm often able, in the 15 minute consult that comes with it, to suggest ways that practices can "fill in the gaps" with their chosen application.

As the market matures, in the not too distant future, some of these apps will not only rise to the top, but have almost all the features that most practices need. In the meantime, most practices have to make some compromises in their selection.

mike's picture
Submitted by mike on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 12:49

any feedback review of psychadvantage compulinks recent addition of their cloud based service.?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:03

Hi Mike,

I contacted CompuLink in September of last year during my initial review process. Their pricing at the time was $349 per user and that didn't include things like clearinghouse fees. That pretty quickly ruled them out as competitive in this market.

I do intend to soon list post an extensive list of these other products out there are are in a much more expensive tier for those who might be in a position to consider them.

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:12

I think compulink just restructured their pricing. I got a marketing email two days ago saying it's now $69 for a solo practitioner, plus and additional $30 per month for clearinghouse services/claims processing.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:15

Interesting. If it's true, it makes me wonder how the people who have been paying $349 all this time feel. I'll definitely investigate it further.

mike's picture
Submitted by mike on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 13:18

i've talked to them in the last month (april 2013) and appears new product role out and pricing; what i've gotten is more in the 69$ a month range with a fee per invoice if you use the system to bill through their clearing house. seems like most robust i've come across but have not reviewed all the one's you have listed. Client portal is limited to registration information only and is an additional fee. I did not get that fee as part of my quote.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 18:06

I've also confirmed the new pricing and will be meeting with them next week to get more details. Look for a complete review some time in the next month or so. In the meantime, I'd be curious to hear how you feel it compares to some of the apps I've rated highest. Also, have you actually used their product or just viewed a demo?

Shannon's picture
Submitted by Shannon on Mon, 05/06/2013 - 23:44

I just signed up with Valant today. My monthly charge is $100 per month and it includes a patient portal, integrated clearinghouse, integrated credit card processing, appointment reminders, and the interface looks pretty intuitive. The service has been great so far. They have different price ranges depending on your needs. One thing I didn't like was having to commit to a year. They assure me that I'll be happy with the system and they will do whatever is needed to accommodate any changes I may need. This seems to hold true with their speediness in getting alot of the "cons" addressed in your review.

I'm going solo with my practice and I'm scared about the learning curve. I'll keep you updated about my experience with Valant. Switching from Carepaths. It was just too confusing and cumbersome for me.

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 14:58

does the $100 also include the credit card processing? When I had looked at valant last year, the merchant processor they use was an extra $30 a month + transaction fees. Would be great if that was all inclusive now.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 13:51

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for sharing. I was recently made aware of Valant's adjustment in their pricing and am in the middle of writing an updated review of their product. The pricing, though still high, is definitely more competitive than it was. The one year contract requirement is certainly a drawback. Always good to hear about good customer service.

We'd love to hear more from you after you've been using it a while.

Shannon's picture
Submitted by Shannon on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 14:03

Well I'm certainly plenty nervous, but the information and training has been impressive. I did cave in to the one year commitment as I don't really think I want to keep switching at this point anyway. They assured me that they will make sure I'm happy with the software so that I won't want to switch. Part of the reason I want to post a review is so that they're aware that they are being I will definitely share my thoughts in a couple of months.

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 15:10

Just wanted to say thanks for this post. I'm a solo practitioner, seeing only private pay clients (but in Texas, where we are still/newly considered HIPAA CEs despite the lack of electronic insurance billing) and I've been swamped trying to figure out how to email/schedule/store files and be HIPAA compliant. Counsol looks like a great solution for me. Really appreciate your information!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 15:30

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the positive feedback. I'm glad that reviews have been of help to you and wish you all the best!

Nathilee's picture
Submitted by Nathilee on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 14:56

Rob thank you so much for your time and attention in researching and writing the reviews it is so very much appreciated!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 15:13

Hi Nathilee,

Thank you for taking the time to post your appreciation. I'm always grateful to hear from people who have found them helpful!

mike's picture
Submitted by mike on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 17:19

any feedback on the A+Delphi emr?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 17:23

Hi Mike,
If you search this page for "Delphi" (Ctrl+F on PC, Squiggily+F on Mac), you'll see a comment I made a couple of months ago. I'm working on parsing some of that out into a separate page.

Sig's picture
Submitted by Sig on Wed, 05/15/2013 - 16:09

What about Theraquick, Athena (Penelope), Therapist Helper???


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 05/15/2013 - 22:06

Hi Sig,

These reviews are currently focused on cloud-based practice management systems. Neither Theraquick nor Therapist Helper currently offer a cloud-based solution (read more about the difference between cloud based and traditional software here)

As for Penelope, thank you for bringing that one to my attention as I wasn't aware of it. I've put in an email to them, but am initially skeptical as they have no pricing listed on their web site. Most solutions who don't clearly list their pricing on the web site tend to be much more expensive than the solutions listed here. I'll let you know what I find out!

Barbara Carter's picture
Submitted by Barbara Carter on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 10:34

I do not see a review of Kareo. I wonder if that is on your list of products to review or if you have left it off for a specific reason. Barbara

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 10:49

Great question! Yet another app that is in my "applications that aren't already reviewed list". There are multiple reasons Kareo isn't here. The short version is, unless you're only using it for the most basic of features, it's going to cost you $299 per clinician per month or more.

Like Practice Fusion (who they have a partnership with), they draw you in with the Free product. However, if you want features like Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, or Patient Statements, you're immediately bumped up to the $299 per clinician per month plan. Pretty steep jump, right?

You may want to also read this related article:

Tom's picture
Submitted by Tom on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 13:50

I appreciate the work you have done for us. I will likely just take your word and opt for one of your top three, at least for trials. My

My question is what happens to records if you discontinue using a service? I used to use a non-cloud software program called psych report from MDansby. For the price it was remarkably thorough although much much more than I needed. After using that service for two years I decided to stop Paying for annual updates. Now my records for those two years are embedded in that software, and not easily transferred to any other arrangement.

You mentioned that therapy notes does not allow for exporting data. What do you do when you want to move on to a different service?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sun, 06/02/2013 - 09:54

Hi Tom,

Bear in mind that my ratings assume a very general stance. The top rated programs are such as they offer a feature set that will appeal to the widest array of users/practices. They are not, however, the best choice for everyone. Many times, in completing my Feature Match Report for clients, I recommend something apart from those three. This usually happens for practices that have specific specialties, or a specific feature combination they definitely want.

As for records, I very briefly cover your questions in my Miscellaneous article on these systems, under Data Portability. I strongly encourage you to ask your question of any system you are considering using. The answer will vary from system to system. Some give you complete control over export of all of your data. Others make you jump through hoops to get it. As for TherapyNotes specifically, you can export your client data, but notes can only be exported in PDF format. So, while you can potentially import your client data directly into a new system, you would have to upload your notes as attachments (or store them another way).

Tom's picture
Submitted by Tom on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 13:53

A second question.

I need to keep notes that would suffice to record sessions and the like but separate from that I like to keep process notes. Do these programs allow for separable and safely stored process notes that would not be part of a medical record?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sun, 06/02/2013 - 09:59

Tom, as discussed in my series article on Notes this is definitely a feature to look for. Most of these programs do provide this capability. They do so in different ways so it's definitely something to evaluate during any demo or trial period you engage in.

mike's picture
Submitted by mike on Fri, 06/21/2013 - 10:11

any luck in getting more information or able to get to further review of psychadvantage/compulink or valant? i narrowed down to these two i think

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 06/21/2013 - 11:13

Reviews of both will be posted next week!

Dayle's picture
Submitted by Dayle on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 23:59

Hi. I'm eagerly awaiting your review of CompuLink! I only recently started to look at them and after watching a live demo, got a very favorable impression. Price of $69/user (non-clinical users are $20/month) seems reasonable. Electronic claims are through partner Emdeon and cost is either 29 or 39 cents per claim, depending on volume (I think). I've just started to try it out on my own using the "sandbox demo". It's only now that I realize that cloud-based access is through Remote Desktop (vs browser).

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sat, 08/03/2013 - 13:53

Hi Dayle,
If you don't want to wait, you can find the review of PsychAdvantage (CompuLink's product) in the Member's area (which is free with a subscription to our newsletter). Otherwise, it should make its way to this page sometime this month.

Stephanie H's picture
Submitted by Stephanie H on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 14:31

Hi Rob,

I'm getting ready to take the plunge with Therapy Appointment. But, I'm not sold totally, just enough to get started. Do you have a sense about how difficult it is to switch systems should one of my other top picks catch up to speed on features?


Stephanie H's picture
Submitted by Stephanie H on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 14:33

I see you already addressed this question in an earlier post. : )

kwmindenhall's picture
Submitted by kwmindenhall on Wed, 07/17/2013 - 02:16

This is such an awesome bunch of reviews and comments, thank you all! I noticed the comments about Therapy Partner, and I've been with them for almost two years and am looking elsewhere. When my practice was new the high fees were OK because I just wanted to store CC info and the ability to email statements was great. Then, they upgraded to add EHM and split into two pricing plans based on monthly revenue. This slightly decreased the CC transaction fee, but with the higher monthly fee I about broke even.
I'm looking elsewhere because I really despise their new system.

1. The therapy notes are not custimizable, and they are really cumbersome. Long, DSM based, and not at all what I need.
2. You have no option of not using notes. EVERY session pops up a note to fill out, and you have to say you want to skip that step, and then you have to say that you are SURE. Blech.
3. The calendar looks sleek but it's buggy and doesn't integrate with anything (no client appointment scheduling, no iCal, etc).
4. Their smartphone "app" consists of a homescreen icon that takes you to the desktop site. On your phone. Totally useless. I'd spend ten minutes zooming in and trying to get stuff done.
5. Their customer service used to be awesome, but they aren't good at responding to questions anymore and seem not to care as much.

For the price, I'm going elsewhere to get more features. I'm doing a trial of Argonaut and their customer service is A+. Their GUI is lame, and their eforms are tedious to fill out. I wish that they had email integration to send statements to clients from within the system. Based on the reviews and comments I'm interested in trying CounSol, but credit cards are a must for me. Alas, the search continues, but thank you so much for this!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 07/17/2013 - 13:33

Thank you for providing your feedback! Hearing from users of these products is valuable not only to me, but other readers.

I'm curious. Several people, including yourself have indicated that Therapy Partner now has additional features like Progress Notes. Yet a) I don't see any indication of those features on their web site and b) when I contacted them to inquire about this, they never replied.

Am I missing something on the web site? Is it possible they are utilizing a separate, partner product for those features?

kwmindenhall's picture
Submitted by kwmindenhall on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 01:03

Hmm, yes it does appear that their website doesn't reflect this. It's the same provider. They have a book-bill-document thing, which they sort of forced everyone over on to when they upgraded. That's one of the reasons that I'm leaving - they just stopped answering emails. And the system that they created is pretty but also annoying and lacking in flexibility or robust features that you can get elsewhere for a similar price. I think that if more EHM's started having credit card processing we could start to see some actual competition.

robyn's picture
Submitted by robyn on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 11:04

I also use therapy partner and am looking to change. I get the feeling they rolled out the notes part to current customers to test. I did the demo and wasn't impressed. Combined with that their credit card processing rates are super high and adding insurance payments is clunky, it's just not working for me. The one part I do like is that they automatically email a secure monthly statement to clients. It's great for private pay clients, and I'm finding it's a feature that is difficult to find with many EHR+billing programs.

Erik's picture
Submitted by Erik on Tue, 07/23/2013 - 14:08

Hey Rob,

I've been reading your site for some time now and am interested what your top three choices would be for a beginning therapist who won't take insurance ever and don't have a lot of funds. I'm a bit of a tech savy guy so I like the good GUI's. I'm currently testing out MHpoffice, Ntreatment, and therapynotes. Any suggestions?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 07/23/2013 - 18:06

Hi Erik,

The needs of any particular practitioner or practice vary so widely that I don't offer general recommendations for specific situations without first getting a lot more information.

If you'd like a more detailed recommendation, I offer a Feature Match Report that will take your specific needs and preferences into account. It may also save you a significant amount of research time.

Apart from that, my reviews obviously cover a lot of ground and will hopefully allow you to narrow it down. Hope you are able to find a great fit!

Kat's picture
Submitted by Kat on Sun, 07/28/2013 - 03:48

Hi Rob,
Your comment just caught my eye - I'm in the same boat. I'm trying out CounSol ($35 per month) right now and I think it is better than most others for the person who isn't going to use insurance. Though, they did tell me that they will be adding that. I also found merchantwarehouse for credit card processing - about 50 cents to process (plus $7 per month) compared to the $5 per session (+50 per month) I was paying. So those two combined seem cheap and good. Counsol has a great GUI.

Celeste's picture
Submitted by Celeste on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 18:34

This is fabulous! I've researched a number of these on my own, but haven't fully experienced them. I was just bushwacking, and had not run accross your favorite picks. You've blazed the trail, and saved me hours of research. Thank you!!!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 23:42

Hi Celeste,

I'm glad to hear you found the information here useful! Please come back, let us know what you chose and how it went. It's always valuable to hear from a wide array of users!

Celeste's picture
Submitted by Celeste on Thu, 05/08/2014 - 10:28

Hi, I chose Therapy Notes. Love the interface, and billing-note integration. It's a really great user experience and workflow. I have had some problems with lack of full clearinghouse integration, brand new ERA integration, but when it works, it works great. My main complaint is customer service. The are relatively timely to respond, but interpersonal skills are lacking, and they often don't seem to get the complexities of problems I have had with billing out-of-network.

KK's picture
Submitted by KK on Sat, 08/03/2013 - 16:01

Any thoughts on Simplepractice? Thanks so much for all of your great information.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sat, 08/03/2013 - 16:39

Hi KK,

My review in the works of simple practice is available in the Member's section, which is free with subscription to the newsletter. If you don't mind waiting, it will probably be added to this list within the month.

erinjee's picture
Submitted by erinjee on Sun, 10/13/2013 - 19:37

Hey there, I had read earlier some very basic comments about Practice Suite and wanted to investigate on my own - thought I'd share what I have learned. For mental health, the monthly runs about $65 (this is for the premium edition which covers everything I want/need including e-filing, ERA, eligibility, scheduling and appointment reminders. If you want a full-blown client portal it will cost an additional $49 per month. I have not seen the mental health portal yet which I'm hoping to see on Monday - notes, treatment plans etc...but I'm cautiously hopeful. You can sign up for free to get a feel for the way it flows which is nice but it's obviously limited.

They have setup costs for each area (billing, efiling, clearinghouse) which is about $350 total. No contracts/annual agreements are required either, just a 30 day notice to cancel. I asked about exporting data and I'm not exactly sure on this one yet. She said they can export or import for a fee but also said if you're "tech savvy" you could do it on your own...I plan on investigating further.

All the best!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 12:04

Thank you for the update, Erin. I'm hoping to do several updates and additional reviews in November and Practice Suite is definitely on the list. $350 is pretty high for set up considering many of these applications have no/minimal set up fees. Will be interesting to see if the functionality is worth the expense.

Jamie's picture
Submitted by Jamie on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 06:01

Thank you for all of this info, I have found it extremely helpful! I am a small OT and speech practice not looking to spend a ton of money on a system yet but need something that can easily bill multiple codes/units and apply copays and accurately report client invoices. I currently used My Clients, which has worked ok but definitely lacks many features.....any recommendations for a multi-discipline business that uses multiple codes per session?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 16:32

Hi Jamie,

I can tell you that, in my scouring of the Internet for systems, I have come across a couple that were specifically targeted to OTs and Speech Therapists. Because I've been focused on more general applications, I haven't included them and, unfortunately can't recall any of them. If your primary concern is billing multiple codes and having a solid billing system, you still may find one among those I've reviewed that meets your needs, however.

Jack Jacobsen's picture
Submitted by Jack Jacobsen on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 10:15

Hey, Rob. Thanks for all the reviews. Very helpful! I'm leaning towards Carepaths because of the price and the integration of outcome measures into the system and client portal. Hopefully I can get used to the GUI issues. I'm still weighing my options though. Do you know of any other systems that integrated outcome measures into their client portal? This feature is a pretty big deal to me (and I think will end up being a big deal to the rest of the mental health field as we move more and more towards outcome measurement).


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 16:20

Hi Jack,

I agree with you that outcome measures will be increasingly important as more attention is paid to efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings in the health insurance realm. BestNotes is the first system that comes to mind as far as having Outcome Measures. Not many others have it at this point. There are standalone systems for it, but that doesn't help if you want something integrated.

As in most cases, the decision usually comes down to prioritizing features.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 19:56

I enjoyed the review of systems and was hoping to find out the date it was posted. Was it 9/2012? If so there may be changes in these EMRs by now. and upcoming changes too. Also do any focus on the collection, and reporting of outcomes data in an easy useable way that will meet the need for ACA managed care type outcomes measurements? thanks for the great help in this arena

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 21:54


Excellent question. This particular page that includes a compilation of brief reviews was originally posted in September of 2012. I make an effort to regularly update reviews of each application, especially when major updates are made.

There are some applications delving into outcome measures, however, for the most part they aren't there yet. Not even most Meaningful Use Certified EHRs are there yet. This will definitely change over the next year or two.

Patty f's picture
Submitted by Patty f on Sat, 11/16/2013 - 03:02

I've been immersed in your ridiculously helpful and informative site for the the last 2 days. This is so exactly what I've been searching for months. Perhaps you've addressed this somewhere, but I haven't seen it. One of the things I'm looking for is the ability to create a narrative Hipaa compliant psychotherapy note of the session content which is stored separately. Any observations in your reviews about this issues? Another thing I remember from some EMR training is something about having to provide the patient the record in electronic format. Is this possible with any of software packages? And (one more) do you have a sense of compatibility with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sat, 11/16/2013 - 10:09

Hi Patty,

Thank you for the kudos and great questions. There are so many detailed features to cover in these systems that I can't possibly include all of them in the reviews. Questions like yours are welcome and often come up with I'm helping clinicians identify the system that will work best with their practice.

Most of the systems do allow for keeping psychotherapy/process notes separately. While there are requirements for providing clients with records (HIPAA, ethics, state/licensure laws), I'm not aware of any stipulation that you must supply them electronically. Most systems do not allow for such sharing but will allow you to print your records either to paper or PDF. Speech integration is another feature that some applications have, while others do not. Often the browser based applications do have it as speech recognition software can integrate with most browsers.

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 23:57

FWIW, Texas state law does require that we provide electronic records electronically. Then it says "unless the client agrees otherwise." I use that funny phrasing as an example of one of the ways the government is nudging all of us towards electronic records. Not required yet, just really encouraged.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 11/19/2013 - 19:03


Excellent point! I need to start applying a caveat at the bottom of many of my posts (i.e. "Please note that, if you live and work in Texas, the rules may be entirely different"). I'm aware that many of the requirements in Texas are even more stringent than HIPAA, but wasn't directly aware of this one. What I was able to find reads as such,

"Texas law specifies that if the provider is using an electronic health records system capable of fulfilling the request, the records must be provided not later than the 15th business day after the date your provider receives your written request. The records must be provided to you in electronic form unless you have agreed to accept the records in another form."

I'm curious if you have a great resource that that fully explains "capable of fulfilling" as well as exactly what qualifies as "in electronic form". Many of these systems are not interoperable systems and therefore can't transfer records electronically to another provider. However, I have to wonder if they are capable of saving them to a PDF (an electronic form) does that qualify.

If you're aware of a resource that clarifies this for providers in Texas, please let myself as well as other readers know by posting it!

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie on Wed, 11/20/2013 - 10:22

My understanding is that there isn't a particular format that is required within the broad spectrum of "electronic." I found the OCR's video for providers helpful, it states that it's okay to put the records on a new CD or flash drive (I'm thinking .pdf) and charge a small fee for the CD/flash drive.
Yes, the Texas Medical Privacy Act is more strict than HIPAA, but really only in a couple of ways that are likely to affect most therapists. Those are: the definition of covered entity (in Texas pretty much everybody is one now) and the length of time you have to deliver requested records (15 instead of 30 days.) I mention this because other than those two things, I revert back to the federal law/guidelines for what to do. (Though I should probably also mention that there are lots of other state codes that apply that aren't part of the TMPA, which affect things like Duty to Warn, etc.)

CJ's picture
Submitted by CJ on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 12:59

Any thoughts on TheraNest? We had issues with Valant pricing they wanted to charge us a upfront 2k or something for set up.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 13:01

Hi CJ,

There is an initial review of TheraNest in the Member's section. When I first review a product, I place it there for a while and then move it out here to the general post. This allows me to give Member's a "first look", sometimes even putting up reviews that are "works in progress". Membership is free with a subscription to our monthly newsletter.

theranest's picture
Submitted by theranest on Sat, 05/03/2014 - 15:44

Hi CJ,
Shegun here from TheraNest. I will be glad to "assist" Rob with any questions you have :)
We've come a long way since the initial review. We hope you check us out.
We don't have any upfront costs to start using TheraNest.

Diana Kramer, MA, MHC-LP's picture
Submitted by Diana Kramer, M... on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 00:57

Stumbled along a previous blog post of yours and now this one! Both of them were so helpful. Thank you for this quality work and the thorough review.

Best wishes,

Diana Kramer
Therapist and Relationship Specialist

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 14:37

Thank you for the kudos, Diana! Always happy to hear that people are finding the information here useful!

Lezlie's picture
Submitted by Lezlie on Sun, 01/12/2014 - 10:58

This site has been so helpful to me. thank you. I am wondering if you have seen TheraNest and what you think of them? They seem to be more flexible in their note editing options than TherapyNotes.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sun, 01/12/2014 - 11:02

Hi Lezlie,

An initial review of TheraNest is available in the Member's section. The member's section is free with subscription to our semi-monthly newsletter and includes a first glimpse at upcoming reviews along with bonus content.

lezlie's picture
Submitted by lezlie on Sun, 01/12/2014 - 13:01

Wow, I am so glad that I found your site today. This was so helpful, Rob. I was about to start with them, but there are too many gaps. Will talk to them about those, but may have to go with another software. I just don't like the rigidity of notes in therapy Notes. Appreciate your very quick response!!!

On another note, do you suggest Square or intuit Go Payment. My colleague states that it is hard to swipe Square and it does cost more. Thanks again

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 10:24

Hi Lezlie,

I'm glad you've found the site helpful! I can't do a completely un-biased comparison of these two credit card reader systems since I haven't used Intuit. I can say, however that:

1) Their pricing is actually almost identical. Each (as of this writing) charges 2.75% for swipes and around 3.75% for keyed in cards (Intuit is 3.75% and Square is 3.5% + 15 cents; roughly equal). Now, Intuit does have a deal where you can pay $12.95 per month and get reduced merchant rates. That might be a great deal, IF you have a large volume of credit card charges each month. By my calculations, this would start being worth it if you have at least $1500 in credit card charges per month.
2) I use Swipe and don't think it's hard to swipe the cards at all.
3) On a personal note, I've not Intuit's biggest fan. I've had some challenging experiences with their customer service. I also have some issues with some of their pricing structures and "forced upgrades" with some of their other products. That said, I still use some of their products, like Quickbooks for accounting.

lezlie's picture
Submitted by lezlie on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 13:23

Thanks, Rob. I asked around and Intuit has some hidden costs. They increase to 3.75% on non-qualified credit cards (rewards based and I think corporate ones +.15/ swipe). Paypal Here sounds promising cause they do paypal and checks as well as credit cards.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 13:30

Hi Lezlie,

Thank you for pointing out the extra charges. That matches my experience of Intuit's general business practices.

saralevitsky's picture
Submitted by saralevitsky on Sun, 01/12/2014 - 12:03

Just wanted to check back in about my experience with Counsol. I LOVE the new credit card processing - I have been waiting for them to integrate that (okay, nagging them about it), and am so happy with it. I am using Braintree as my gateway and their customer service has been as great as Counsol's. Very responsive and very accessible. I love just clicking a couple of times to charge and auto post to receipts. It saves a lot of time for me.

Counsol has consistently added new features to it's interface and user-friendliness - to the progress notes and the portal and other details. And I am currently paying only $15/mo b/c I referred another therapist to Counsol and that reduces the montly rate by $10. All in all, it was a huge decision last year, but I'm really really pleased with Counsol.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 10:14

Thank you for sharing your experience with CounSol!

Jim's picture
Submitted by Jim on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 14:04

I don't see a review for In early 2013 they added an EHR and scheduling feature to their billing service. I'd be curious as to your thoughts about how they compare. I use this service and find it has some real strengths (billing feature) and weaknesses (notes, scheduling, not mobile optimized). But my hesitation on switching has been I'm not sure other options are going to be much better.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 14:20

Hi Jim,

I would LOVE to do a review of TherapyPartner now that they've added these features. Unfortunately, I've made at least three attempts to contact them in order to set up a demo/trial account in the past year and none of my attempts have received a reply.

If you scroll through the comments here (or do a "find" for "therapy partner", you'll see several comments about them, including their new features. I would be very surprised if their newly launched features are as robust and friendly as some of these other applications that have been in development for some time.

I'd love to give you my personal take on it, if they'll provide me the opportunity to. I will say that I've not had this difficulty getting in touch with other vendors. Perhaps as a current user you can have better luck getting them in touch with me so I can do so?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 22:59

I should add that, I could readily set up a trial account with TherapyPartner except that they require a user to enter their banking routing number and account number before you can do so. I can't say I'm a fan of requiring people to provide that kind of information just to have access to a trial account. Especially when most of the competition makes it so much easier.

Bill's picture
Submitted by Bill on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 16:32

Your site is a great resource, thank you! As a traditionalist I have steered off of "cloud software". I am looking at Confidant Software. I also looked at "Little Guy" software. I prefer software that is loaded on my computer as Therapist Helper is and I prefer printing out the HCFA 1500s rather than electronic billing. Have you looked at this software? It seems very simple to use. I also looked at A+ Delphi and "Little Guy Software". Any thoughts on these ?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 16:44

Hi Bill,

Great question! Apart from the immense amount of time it would take for me to also review all of the traditional software options, my most recent blog also addresses several other reasons that I focus on cloud options. There are numerous examples of traditional software products that have closed up shop recently, most likely due to the mass migration to cloud products.

I've no doubt that there will remain a small, niche market for traditional products for a while. The trick is in guessing which products will not only survive, but continue to provide upgrades, new features, and address the ever changing requirements of the insurance industry.

It's also important to note that many, if not most, insurance companies are moving toward requiring electronic claims filing. You may not be able to exercise your choice in that matter for much longer. The good news is that, when submitting electronically, you often get paid much more quickly and, when using a clearinghouse, often deal with far fewer denials.

Bill's picture
Submitted by Bill on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 18:02

Thanks for your quick response to my question. I have looked at A+Delphi which offers the ability to print HCFA or send them electronically. It like Therapist Helper is traditional software. Do you have any sense of which companies are more likely to survive? I know that Therapist Helper was sold to another parent company and their support staff has been cut so I am guessing they are feeling the winds of change. I appreciate any thoughts you have either on traditional software companies that could have some longevity or cloud based that allow you to print HCFA's at least as long as they are accepted so you don't become a HIPAA covered entity?

Thanks for your thoughts,

theranest's picture
Submitted by theranest on Sat, 05/03/2014 - 15:58

Hi Bill,
I think your fears about cloud are legitimate. However, users should not relax thinking that stuff on their computer is safer than what's in the cloud. We leave and breathe (and spend an obscene amount of money) keeping your records safe. On your computer, if someone gets access - which they can as long as you're online - you may never know.
However, there is nothing wrong with sticking with a locally installed copy. You just have to take on the security challenge yourself.

As for printing HCFA forms, even though TheraNest - is cloud based, we still print HCFA forms for you, pre-filled even. Makes life easy :)
And we have the latest form.

Kate's picture
Submitted by Kate on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 16:37

Thanks so much for this! I have been demoing Theranest, TherapyNotes, SimplePractice and ICAN notes. I am currently working at a large group and we use Credible- I wish I could find something similar. I have to say I like to features ICAN offers- it seems that the evaluations are the most comprehensive I have demoed, or am I missing something with the others? It does seem dated, but the others seem to be lacking clinical pieces. Do you have any recommendations for a small practice? I am hoping to have evaluations be a majority of my business.
Thanks for the reviews and your time!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 17:54

Hi Kate,

I don't make any specific recommendations outside of my Feature Match or consulting products. There are too many differences between practices for me to make blanket recommendations so I prefer to know enough about a practice before making one. In addition, I've heard too many "horror" stories from clinicians who have chosen an application based on one feature or specific area of a program only to be disappointed later.

I do strongly recommend that people try solutions for themselves before committing to one. Demos almost always look good because they are put on by someone who knows the system very well. That doesn't mean it will "feel" good to you or be a good fit for your practice/work flow.

Kate's picture
Submitted by Kate on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 18:44

Thanks for the quick response. I open in March and am having a difficult time deciding which software to use and have never billed on my own before... Stressful!!! Your reviews are a great resource.

Lee Ann Heath's picture
Submitted by Lee Ann Heath on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 16:00

Rob, How I wish this would have been around 3 years ago when I was searching - must have demoed 15 sites - Whew! Anyway went with Valant and while it is alright I believe there is something out there that would be a better fit for my practice. Talked with someone at Software Advice and they suggested the following 4 companies: A+ DELPHI, Kareo, ADP AdvancedMD EHR and iSalus EHR. Found your reviews of Delphi and Kareo - Thank you now have you reviewed the other two?

Thank you for all the hard work - I know what it took to due just the small amount and I knew little at the time - so again thank you! Lee Ann

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 18:21

The important thing to note about Software Advice is that my understanding is they work on commission. When they recommend a software to you and you end up purchasing that software, Software Advice receives commission. For that reason, I believe that Software Advice only lists and recommends companies/products that will pay them a commission. There are many applications out there that are a best fit for some practices that I don't believe Software Advice lists on their site. If you look at their list, you can see that many of the possibilities are not there.

Further, I don't believe they have a solid understanding of our market. This can be seen by some of their recommendations for small practices consisting of very expensive meaningful use certified EHRs that are not a good fit for small private practice. In addition to the cost, many of them are very "medical-centric" and are not a good fit for therapists. Again, this may partly be dictated by them getting better commissions from these more expensive applications.

To directly answer your question about these other applications,there are some additional reviews in the members' section of this site. IF I haven't reviewed, or at least mentioned them, they are likely either really new, or are very expensive.

Kim S's picture
Submitted by Kim S on Fri, 08/22/2014 - 10:01

Thank you for all your time and effort put into all this research!! I am not sure if it is really out there, but I heard there is an EHR for therapists that allow us to handwrite notes with a stylus on an iPad. The app then scans your handwriting into type. I jot things clients say down during sessions, and would love to (without typing) be able to transfer this scribble to my would save me so much time. I view handwriting while someone is talking much more attentive than typing. Would you happen to know what EHR's have this capability?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 08/22/2014 - 10:31

Great question Kim,

I share your opinion that handwriting is less "intrusive" in therapy than typing. I personally hand write my notes (when I take them in session) in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. But these are psychotherapy notes and I simply leave them in handwritten format.

There are some very expensive (medical-centric) EHRs that I've heard have incorporated handwriting recognition. There are also some Windows based tablets (Fujitsu in particular makes one) that have handwriting recognition software built in that will integrate with many different applications.

Finally, there are many third party applications for both iOS and Android that provide handwriting recognition and claim to integrate with most other applications.

I'm not currently aware of any affordable mental health-centric EMR/EHR that comes with this feature, however. If someone else finds one, I'd love to know about it!

Tim E-H's picture
Submitted by Tim E-H on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 20:36

As someone who has researched the (much smaller) Australian market for online practice management providers, I'm impressed by the work you've done here. Congratulations on doing such a thorough job.

If you're not already aware of it, you may be interested in HealthKit. It is an Australian company that has expanded into the US market. Initially for psychologists, it now offers customised content for multiple health professions. Core services are free, with expenses (and profit) covered through fees on their optional billing and SMS reminder services. Note that is not linked to Apple's Health Kit API for developers – there was a bit of a media storm over the name similarity earlier this year.

Disclaimer: apart from using their service as a clinician, I have no links to HealthKit and didn't come here to promote them (I found your site while looking for information on Social Media policies). I just thought I'd inform you of another service that might be of interest.


Mark's picture
Submitted by Mark on Sat, 12/06/2014 - 14:37

Maybe my display made me miss it, but did you give a 'best of show' / overall winner?
Any suggestions on MIGRATING over to one of these from Therapist Helper? They don't make it easy for users to export their data. Thanks for the reviews!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Sat, 12/06/2014 - 14:48

Hi Mark,

I'm glad you're finding the reviews helpful! In the explanation of the reviews, I explain why these solutions aren't ranked in any particular order. The short version is that practice's needs vary so widely that there is no one solution that meets all of their needs. This is one of the reasons people have found my Feature Match Report so valuable. I take a practice's specific needs into account in making a recommendation for the best match for them. It even comes with a follow-up consultation where we often discuss custom migration strategies.'s picture
Submitted by mobinahasan@gma... on Wed, 03/04/2015 - 23:02

Hi Rob,

I am relatively new to private practice and your reviews/comments have been extremely helpful.

I am interested in wecounsel features especially video/chat, client portal, admin portal and multiuser option.

1) Are you aware of any other platform with similar features?
2) Any feedback on wecounsel features or customer service.

Thank you for your time in responding to my questions.


Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/05/2015 - 09:44

Hi Mobina,

Since wecounsel is not a Practice Management System, I have not investigated it closely. There are a plethora of offerings similar to wecounsel where a company provides the opportunity for counselors to provide online counseling. So many, in fact, that it would be difficult for anyone to adequately review them all.

The primary benefit of such a system would be if it has a solid directory that draws clients in for you. Otherwise, it's typically possible to get all of their features at much less expense. A further consideration, especially for those in the United States, is that few of these directories seem to pay close attention to the lack of licensure portability across states, so the bulk of responsibility for legal and ethical practice remains with the clinician.

Pam's picture
Submitted by Pam on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 08:43

Wondering if you have any knowledge or insight about Theramanager?

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 15:05

I'm aware of TheraManager. When I first started publishing reviews, I was unable to successfully schedule a demo with them. Last year I contacted them for an update about pricing and features and put off further investigation due to their pricing and other factors. It's important to note that they a remote-server application, and therefore not web browser based. I hope to re-visit their application this year and potentially complete a full evaluation.

Tanya's picture
Submitted by Tanya on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 16:23

I was wondering if you had any information on the platform, drchrono. I've heard positive things from my friends, but haven't had the chance yet to do a demo with them (I have a very busy schedule). I've looked at their website, but I would like to hear a first hand experience!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 20:05

Hi Tanya,
You can read my thoughts about Dr. Chrono (along with several others) in the Members' section of the web site. The only cost of membership is subscribing to the Tame Your Practice newsletter.

Megan's picture
Submitted by Megan on Fri, 07/03/2015 - 15:22

Thanks for gathering together all this information in one place and reviewing so many products. Many of my colleagues use Practice Fusion and I was thinking of using that too. But you don't rate it highly so I will consider some others as well. One feature that I need is integrated electronic prescribing capability and I wonder if that is found in any of the others you reviewed (Practice Fusion has that).

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Fri, 07/03/2015 - 16:15

Hi Megan
Currently it is mostly only the Meaningful Use Certified EHRs that include ePrescribing, though there are a couple of notable exceptions.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Mon, 07/06/2015 - 19:19

Hi Brad,

I generally don't answer questions about what application is "the best" at anything since that can be so subjective. What scheduling features you may deem to be important, may differ greatly from the features I or others think are important. For this and other reasons, I only make recommendations after getting to know much more about a practitioner and their practice through consultation or my EHR/EMR Feature Match Report Service

Wayne Kessler's picture
Submitted by Wayne Kessler on Thu, 09/03/2015 - 09:06

HI Rob:
I'd like to recommend a practice management EMR platform called PatientTrac. I like the program so much, I wanted to spread the word about it. It as many great features including an insurance card scanner that can pull insurance benefit and co-pay information right from the insurance card. It also has a billing and payment solution,scheduling, and many other time and cost saving features. It would be great if you could add it to your reviews of EMR systems.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 09/03/2015 - 09:19

Thank you for bringing PatientTrac to my attention. I will take a look. Unfortunately, at first glance, it looks significantly more expensive than most of the other options available, "Monthly prices range from 300.00 to 1900.00 USD depending on the size of the facility."

Sofia Guerra's picture
Submitted by Sofia Guerra on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 10:15

Hello Rob,

What is your take on Sevocity EHR?

Thank you.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 10:35

Hi Sofia

I've not taken a closer look at Sevocity for two primary reasons:

  1. Their reported price is prohibitive for many mental health clinicians/practices
  2. They don't include an integrated practice management system (i.e. scheduling, etc.) Users have to integrate that at additional cost
Nat Kuhn's picture
Submitted by Nat Kuhn on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 08:08

I have been getting ads for this recently but it's hard to find reviews... Would appreciate any thoughts you have.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 09:46

Psychiatry Cloud is on my list of options to investigate soon. One thing to note is the lack of clear pricing information on the web site (they ask that you write them for a quote). This almost always means a product that's on the expensive side of things. Would love to hear from anyone who is using it or already has received a quote!

Nat Kuhn's picture
Submitted by Nat Kuhn on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 17:46

I did note the lack of up-front pricing, plus the fairly heavy advertising, neither of which bodes well in terms of pricing. I would also note that I got a cold call yesterday from an EHR vendor, apparently based on using my real name in a post here.

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 18:22

I would greatly appreciate it if you would drop me a note through a contact form to let me know which vendor did that.

Ronaldiño's picture
Submitted by Ronaldiño on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 11:06

Hi and thank you for this excellent article. I was wondering if you know of any software that has a client portal that can be presented in Spanish. 90% of my clientele is Spanish speaking. In general, I've felt inclined to TherapyNotes, but I have only about 10 clients now and will keep a small number for a year as I complete my Ph.D. I'm not sure if the $40/month will be cost effective. What do you recommend for my tiny practice? Also, most of my clients have Medicaid. Also, I hope to get a software that can help me write notes and treatment plans very quickly. Thank you!

Rob Reinhardt's picture
Submitted by Rob Reinhardt on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 11:14

Great question, Ronaldiño! Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any of these EHRs offering translation services as part of their system. Since many of them are web-based, however, it's possible that Google/Chrome Translation might work well with them. This is not something I have tested, but you could look into.

As for recommendations, I only make specific recommendations through my Feature Match Service or consultation as there are a number of factors that go into an EHR being a good fit for a practice. It's not a good idea to choose one based on a couple of features or points of information about a practice.


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