Comprehensive Consulting for Mental Health and Wellness Professionals in Private Practice


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About Us

About Us

Helping you tame your practice.


About Us

Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed., NCC has his own successful counseling practice and years of experience running, and working in a variety of successful businesses. He realizes that there isn't only one business model that results in success, and is able to adapt business plans to different situations. In addition, Rob brings a comprehensive mix of technological experience to the table. This means he can address all facets of your private practice or agency, including the areas many practitioners need help with like Marketing, Technology and Finances. Whether you need focused help in one area of your business, or a comprehensive consultation, Rob will help you craft a plan that fits your goals and philosophy.  Rob is also currently a column editor for a technology focused column in Counseling Today, the professional magazine published by the American Counseling Association.

As a Mental Health or Wellness Professional, you know that every individual and their circumstances are unique and you take that into account as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Similarly, you and your practice are unique and require a customized approach to consulting. Don't settle for someone insisting that the way they have run their business will work for you. That's not Consulting or Coaching, that's Sales. Rob takes a collaborate approach to consulting, first taking the time to fully understand your parameters and goals, and then offering recommendations that will best fit your practice and objectives.
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  • Paperless Office
  • EHR/EMR/Practice Management Systems
  • Mobile Office


  • Social Marketing
  • Web Sites
  • Creative Networking


  • Organizational Structure
  • Efficiency Assessment
  • Financial Streamlining


  • Private Practice Start Up
  • Go Electronic
  • Comprehensive Business Assessment


How we work

Free initial consultation. You provide a brief overview of your goals, via phone or email, and we answer your questions about our capabilities and how we will approach helping you reach your goals.

Project based. If it's determined that your goals are best addressed as a project, detailed specifications will be written noting the scope of the project and the quoted cost. This is a typical approach for "closed end" projects like completion of a web site, SEO optimization or software training.

Consulting based. If your needs are more information driven, an hourly consulting rate will be quoted and, when applicable, an estimated amount of time required. This is a typical approach for practice management assessment, software evaluation or open-ended consultations.

Follow through. Through regular communication and evaluation, we strive to meet your expectations every step of the way. We pride ourselves on clear communication and delivering on promises.